Perfect Gifts for Travelers Who Read

For the past several years, I have published a list called “Ten Best Gifts for Travelers Who Read“.  This year I give you a couple of goodies and some places to look for additional ideas.

Don’t forget to look at the lists from other years at A Traveler’s Library, because there are good things there that still are great.


Periscope Book Cover and Built-in Light
Periscope Book Cover and Built-in Light

I introduced two of my all-time favorite finds, The Periscope Book Light in a Book Cover, which I still use almost daily; and Select Wisely menu cards for people with food allergies or other health problems. Check them out by clicking on the year.


Yak Pak Psychedelia
Yak Pak Psychedelia

EVERY DAY I use my backpack purse from YAK PAK. And on EVERY TRIP I use the Atlantic 22″ Ultra Lite Rollaboard that I introduced in 2010. Do take a look. So many people on your list would love one of these gifts.


Envirosax LoadedFOUR winners introduced in 2011: 1. Enviro Saks, which get all folded up to practically nothing and travel in a corner of my suitcase, and then come out to carry groceries, picnics, or sit in a car on a car trip with “stuff.” 2. Oka B shoes. I’m sitting here at my computer wearing a pair of comfy Oka Bs right now. 3. Show Off Travel Bags. This is a novel idea that I came to love. Why just use ziplock when you can have a bit of bling? Liberty Bottle Works–a bottle for water that weans people off the plastic ones.


I still think the Kindle Paperwhite is cool, and Bound for Anything is a terrific idea for travelers who Write, as well as read.


Fruit Bag from Doy
Fruit Bag from Doy

I had a two-parter last year. In part one, don’t miss the great way to keep your health supplies organized that was created by J the Travel Authority. And in part two, I suggested that it would be a good year to buy bags and other products from the Phillipine company Doy Bags, because they were suffering the aftermath of a typhoon.  Unfortunately, they’ve been hit again. I suggest Doy Bags, not just because its a good cause, but also because the products are terrific. All the women on my list have received one at some time.


Yes I do have some brand new suggestions.

The Perfect Book for Travelers Who Read, Photograph and Cook

Book Cover: Forks
Book Cover: Forks by Allan Karl








I interviewed Allan Karl about the book, Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection. Three Years. Five Continents. One Motorcycle  when it was just a gleam in Allan’s eye–a Kickstarter Project. Now it is a glorious reality.  His travel book relates his motorcycle trip around the world, from Alaska to Africa.  He meets interesting people, and eats delicious food. He shares it all in photos and even includes a recipe from each place he visits.  Terrific travel inspiration for the traveler who reads.$27.16 at Amazon.

 Wall Decor for Any Reader

Peter Pan illustrated by Postertext.
Peter Pan illustrated by Postertext.


A Novel idea–and there’s a pun there. This company takes text from novels and arranges the text on a poster to make an illustration fitting the book.   Like this:


Isn’t that a creative idea? And take a look at the Postertext website for more selections. The 20 x 30 wall poster would make quite a statement in a reader’s library or office, not to mention a child’s room.  They also have calendars and gift certificates available. Prices from $20.95 to $29.95.

Now for some other Gift Lists

San Francisco Gate’s 5 Travel Gift Ideas

I particularly liked this gift suggestion from San Francisco Gate. BRILLIANT! Would be great for attaching to your electronic reader, glasses, etc. (I’m always losing my etc.!)

The Tile is a plastic tracking gadget about the size of a poker chip that can be attached to pretty much anything you don’t want to lose. Once you register the Bluetooth chip, attach it to frequently misplaced valuables — keys, TV remote, camera — and use the Tile App for iPhone and iPad (coming soon to Android) to locate the objects. A community feature allows you to find lost (or stolen) items through other Tile users. The app supports up to eight Tiles, and automatically records the last place your phone saw the Tile. Vitals: Tiles and Tile App, $25 for one, $70 for four at The Tile App.

My Itchy Travel Feet’s Travel Gifts

My friend Donna’s blog for Boomer travelers can be depended upon to present great gift ideas every year. You can shop her budget list or her luxury list. Here’s one of my favorites this year–but do take a look at My Itchy Travel Feet for her entire lists. This is one of her suggestions and the link will earn her a couple of cents, if you purchase through it.

Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories ($10.49) – Need a place for all your wires? This travel case is a useful tool for all electronic cables as well as important documents.

BuzzFeed Life

Amazon Has Gift Suggestions

Gifts for Readers

Travel Gifts

I hope you’ll find the perfect gift here–and a few things for yourself as well.

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Old Fashioned Western Saga

Book Cover
Book Cover: BackLands

Destination: New Mexico

Book: Backlands: A Novel of the American West by Michael McCarrity

I felt right at home in Backlands. Not that I’m a ropin’ ridin’ cowgirl who lives in a remote New Mexico ranch, but I am pretty familiar with the lifestyle of the ranchers of southern Arizona and New Mexico, and have traveled around much of the sun-baked stretches between mountain ranges that they inhabit.

Lonely Road, Oregon
Lonely Western Road

Backlands is the second in a three-book series about the Kerney family.  McCarrity also spun a mystery series off the first book, Hard Country, that follows the adventures of former Sherrif Kevin Kerney.  The books follow a ranching family headed by the difficult father.  As Backlands opens, young Matt is being raised by his strong-willed mother, divorced from Matt’s father after their older son died in World War I.  Mother and young son live in town, while the father continues to run the Tularosa Basin ranch almost single-handedly, carefully hiding a secret past behind a wall of irrascibility.

Tularosa Basin
Tularosa Basin. Photo by Mzuriana from with Creative Commons license

We are swept up in the hard daily life of ranching in the twenties and thirties into the period of World War II.  It is the reality of life and description of the land that held my attention.  Unlike most books I have read recently, there is no one action driving the plot forward. It is, instead, incident piled upon incident that helps the reader inhabit the lives of these people.

I suppose those who idealize the West and picture themselves as heroes of Gene Autry movies, will find tidbits to sustain their daydreams. I was more inclined to appreciate the determination–yes, true grit–that kept (and keeps) dry-country ranchers going through dust storms and depressions, rustling and railroad arrivals.

If you like lots of swift action and a driving through line, a book that is over as quick as it begins, this book will not be for you.  If however, you like to curl up with a book that takes you to a new place and introduces you to some interesting people, in 500 pages, then give Backlands a read.

By the way, if you’d like to wander the back roads and see some of the ranching country from the book, McGarrity has assisted by putting a map of the American Southwest in 1930 in the front and back of the book. And it hasn’t changed much. How can a traveler resist places with names like Tularosa and Alamogorda and Socorro? Besides, White Sands is right nearby. Have you seen that wonder of nature yet?

Links here to Amazon help you find the book on line. You need to know that A Traveler’s Library is an affiliate of Amazon, so I make a few cents whenever you shop through my links. Thanks!



Sailing With Eagles

Taking a break from books, we went for a sail with eagles on Bras d’Or Lakes in Nova Scotia.

Here are some pictures from that sail.

For the rest of the story–follow this link to  My Itchy Travel Feet.

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