Can A Movie on a Greek Island Be Bad?

Skopelos Beach by Titanis

Musical film Mama Mia gets reviewed–on a skewer–at World Hum.  Of plot, character development, acting, singing, dancing and scenery, the latter came off best.  Why not?  Greek Islands can never be bad.

Eva Holland  and Eli Ellison refer to the setting as “travel porn.”  Skopelos and Skiathos, the islands shown in the movie lie north northeast of Athens in the Sporades group of islands. (Picture from Flickr, licensed by Creative Commons)

As we get acquainted, you will learn that my travel library of books on Greece takes up many, many shelves.  Books on islands, books on Athens, ancient books and new books. I’ll be talking about them all.

Other movies set on Greek Islands: Shirley Valentine;Summer Lovers; Corelli’s Mandolin.

Other posts on Greece: The Mani Peninsula Thucydides as a Guide; The Miracle of Siphnos at Spot Cool Stuff; Crete; Athens; Novels set on Greek Islands;  and Museums and Loot. Well, I TOLD you I love Greece.

Skopelis beach by Titanis

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