Whoopee! We’ve Built a School



The goal of $13,000 seemed a steep hill, but the Passports With Purpose collaboration of travel bloggers, wonderful sponsors and our faithful readers have reached the original goal (see the thermometer in the right hand column). We have raised enough to build a school in Cambodia!! That means that I will be contributing $150 for a book shelf full of books, and you can do that, too.

Now we have a new hill to climb.  The team that put together this great drive have decided to raise an additional $13,000 to provide healthy additions. You can see some details about the school’s location and Passports With Purpose plans here.

School improvements: • Hagar water filter: $300 one-time cost
• 1 “Victory” vegetable garden,: $7,500 funds first two years, $2,000 each additional year
• School nurse: $5400/year

So  you can still buy chances on the wonderful prizes (Like two nights at the Monteleone in New Orleans or a Periscope Book Cover and Light) through December 21st, and help complete the school.  Your $10 contribution will make a big difference.

Please go to Passports With Purpose website and donate $10 for your chosen gift, TODAY!

And, remember, A Traveler’s Library Readers, you are challenged to provide a $150 bookshelf and books for our school. How many bookshelves can we provide? Get together with a book club, family, or group of friends and let me know.

And please, please, please, pass the word through your friends and social networking!!

Vera Marie Badertscher

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