Celebrate Bastille Day With A Contest


Celebrate Bastille Day

Are you ready? Get Set! GO!

THIS CONTEST IS LONG OVER, but read more recent posts to look for new contests.

No, I cannot tuck you away in my luggage on my trip to France, but I can let you have some of the fun of preparing for the trip, even if you’re going no further than your backyard barbeque this summer.

Prizes in my Bastille Day giveaway, include I’ll Never Be French, and guidebooks to France from Fodors.

PLUS Do you want to primp at a vanity?  Pack your luggage and go see the lights of Paris? Win a $80 gift certificate to be spent in any of  200+ stores. (This store, CSN,  has changed hands so the prior links do not work.) Just be the most prolific commenter between July 1 and July 14.

Since I always try to be helpful, I’ve been doing a little shopping at these stores myself. Oh the sacrifices I make! For instance:

I think I'm in love

Of course a leather purse would be totally impractical for someone who tries to pack light, but these Anuska designs are out of this world. You could get a significant discount by applying your $80 gift certificate here, or purchase several smaller travel items. Click on picture for the details.

A Globe that lights up.

Light Up My World! And what traveler does not need the whole planet sitting in the room lighting your way? This is so reasonably priced that you could have them in more than one room!

A Bit of Provence in your Bedroom.

Need a touch of France in your boudoir? How about this Provence design vanity? Click on picture for details.

The three items above are only examples of what you can use your $80 gift certificate to buy. These are NOT prizes in the contest.

And just so you don’t get lost, the Fodor’s folks have a highly praised guidebook for you. At their web site, they have been promoting some nifty tours put together by their staff of professionals, and they hope you’ll be able to travel to many countries.

Contest Definition: leave the most comments on ANY post at A Traveler’s Library between 12:05 p.m. MST on July 1 and the stroke of midnight (MST) on July 14 (Bastille Day). For fine print on contests, go to the General contest rules page. PLEASE NOTE THIS EXCEPTION– Although normally my giveaways are open only to U.S. residents, IF YOU RESIDE IN CANADA OR the USA, YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO WIN THE $80 GIFT CERTIFICATE FROM CSN STORES OR A FODOR’S TRAVEL GUIDE.  THE GIFT IS COMING DIRECTLY FROM THE DONOR TO THE WINNER.

Although no extra chances are given to people who subscribe during this contest, it stands to reason that if you have a subscription to A Traveler’s Library, you will be more likely to remember to comment every day and increase your chances.

And all that karma you amass by sharing this contest with friends and Twitter and Stumble Upon must surely be worth something? N’est-ce pas? I’m just sayin’.

The copy of I’ll Never Be French is a review copy furnished by the publisher. The guidebooks and CSN gift certificate are donated by Fodor’s and by CSN stores.

The photograph of the Eiffel Tower on July 14 comes from Flickr. Please click on the picture to learn more about the photographer and see more photos.

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14 thoughts on “Celebrate Bastille Day With A Contest

  1. Just watched Pierrot Le Fou and feeling an urge to see some a new part of France. Always interested in Marseilles. Thanks for hosting the contest!

  2. I love Paris and I will be there at the end of september/beginning of auguest with a bunch of my friends! would love to win!

  3. I’ll read the Fodor’s French guidebook in preparation for a stop in Marseilles during this fall’s cruise from Rome to Ft. Lauderdale.
    Viva La France.

  4. Just to share…one of my son’s fellow preschoolers is moving to France, and the family gave everyone a French flag! At the 4th of July parade, he was madly waving it! -r

  5. I’ve had to cancel plans to go to France this September — for the second year in a row. I’ve feeling terribly deprived.

    Here’s a good book recommendation for Francophiles. I found the best small bookstore in tiny Searsport Maine about a month ago. It has the perfect name: Left Bank Books. It has a terrific selection of travel books. One (of many) I bought and love is entitled Parisians: An Adventure History of Paris. It’s by Graham Robb, who has done excellent research. He tells unknown stories of famous people in Paris — sort like Paul Harvey’s “Rest of the Story” thing although these are much better and not so corny. They are fascinating. Anyone familiar with Paris and its history will enjoy this book, I’m sure.


  6. This is the most amazing online contest I have ever come upon! I Will Never Be French is what I need. l have not been to France in five years and look forward to following your upcoming trip.

  7. I’m thinking that that guidebook would make a nice addition to my library…as I do not actually have one on France. great to have a contest to celebrate your upcoming trip.

  8. The top photo is beautiful. What a great thing to wake me up first thing in the morning when I’m reading my email.

  9. I have been lucky enough to be in France for many Bastille Days and it is a lot of fun. That book looks like one I would definitely pick up.

  10. Very nice. I was looking forward to this contest! Just caught the movie “Paris” and I want to go now! This would be a great way to start this trip. -r

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