10 Perfect Gifts for Travelers Who Read (2010)

See #1, #4,  #7, and #9 for SPECIAL DEALS for A Traveler’s Library Readers ONLY. [NOTE: These special deals have expired!]

AND, this is embarrassing, but the most perfect gift for travelers who read somehow got left off the list. So here it is:

Book Lust to Go: Recommended Reading for Travelers, Vagabonds, and Dreamers
by Nancy Pearl

In case you are not one of those glued to NPR when Nancy Pearl talks about books…in case you don’t yet own your own Nancy Pearl action figure…read my review of Book Lust To Go. And then put it on the gift list for every traveler who reads.


A Moveable Feast

1. A MOVEABLE FEAST:Life-Changing Food Adventures Around the World, edited by Don George, published by Lonely Planet (2010)

SPECIAL DEAL:  Readers of A Traveler’s Library: Enter the code TRAVLIB  in the on-line order form, Lonely Planet will give a 20% discount on any book. Through 1/15/11.

Lonely Planet publishes lots more than guidebooks.  I make a bee-line for the  travel literature section of Lonely Planet pictorials and gifts. That’s where you’ll find Moveable Feast, jam-packed ( pun intended) with beautifully written food/travel essays from top travel writers like Jan Morris, Simon Winchester or Anthony Bourdain. What could be better for the travel reader in your life? (And no, I have no idea why they are using Ernest Hemingway’s title.) $14.99 before your A Traveler’s Library discount.

Atlantic Luggage from CSN


Until I discovered CSN, I didn’t realize I could shop in a virtual department store.[NOTE: CSN is no longer in business.It is now Wayfair] You can furnish your home, clothe your kids and pick up your travel needs at an online store. At the luggage store , I selected this Atlantic 22″ roll-aboard Ultra Light suitcase. The purchase process was painless, and carrying the 6-pound-suitcase is painless, too. Because it is an economy version of TravelPro, I knew the quality would be good. I particularly like the big pockets on the outside. Somebody you know needs this. $76.49 at Atlantic on line[Novembe 2014].


Scottish Travel Wrap


From The Travel Wrap Company

I can SO see myself curled up with a travel literature book, wrapped in my wrap, aptly named “Plain Gorgeous.” This gift, I will admit is a big splurge. But there are times when we just want to splurge on a gift for somebody your traveling mom or  girlfriend. It subs for that missing airline pillow and blanket, and so does much more.

Price: £194 adult/£140 children. In the U.S., subtract £17.50 per item VAT.  I figured a woman’s wrap, with shipping, would cost about $292.00 for U.S. buyers.  To see the price on an item, you have to click on the specific item/color you are interested in.

4. MUSEYON GUIDES provides guidebooks for travelers for the literate. Or as they say, “A curated guide to your obsessions.”  That means music, cities, movies, art, for instance. Follow their link for a classy blog about cultural travel.

SPECIAL DEAL: EXPIRED!!! For  A Traveler’s Library readers only: A SECRET STORE.  When you follow the link to the secret store at Museyon Guides, you will get a 20% discount on EVERY book they sell. And get this–even if it has already been discounted, you’ll get another 20% off!!

I took Museyon’s Film + Travel guides for a test drive.  The books come in  travel-handy, 5 x 8 soft cover editions–one each for ; North and South America; Europe; and one for  (big breath) Asia, Oceania and Africa.  The guides are written by experts or as one editor says “by pedants for dilettantes.” (LOVE IT!) My only complaint is that they don’t cover a lot of territory. One hopes that there will be future editions.  But if tracking down movie scenes (a la Movie Walks in Paris) is not your thing, Museyon guides offers other books. The Movie +Travel Guides are currently on sale at Museyon for $11.95 (BEFORE your 20% discount).

Jotter SS Satin Black BallPoint Pen


The man in your life can create million dollar advertising campaigns, write heartbreaking brush-off letters, and make a list of the liquor  needed for the office bar, with the OFFICIAL Mad Men Pen, The Jotter SS Ball Point. Mad Men, the T.V. show, deftly recreates the early 1960’s.  The traveler you are shopping for needs a pen to make notes in her or his travel journal, write postcards, and fill in the custom forms.

Great stocking stuffer. I found them on line for as little as $9.99.


This product is a real find! Although I don’t generally haul wine around in my suitcase, I do have a dog-loving friend who once wrote about wrapping her wine in her bras. I have another friend who has been known to travel with an extra suitcase full of only bubblewrap for safely packing African crafts. I will fill the Vinni Bag with Christmas ornaments the next time I travel, or olive oil from Greece. The video explains everything to you. A Green Note: If you send it back, they will recycle the material into garden hoses! Now can’t you think of several travelers who would love this gift?

$28.00 for one, $25 each for more than one at the Vinni Bag website.

Diaper Buds


Know a mother who is juggling baby and travel? As anybody who has ever carted an infant over the river and through the woods knows, diapers can be a problem. Problem solved with diaper buds. A tiny little package gives you two full sized diapers. Tuck it away and you’re ready to go.

(Unless you follow the diaper-free baby philosophy of a friend of mine, that is.)

They have a special trial deal on their website offering  a trial “bud” for $1.00. Regular prices are $5.99 for a small pack (8 or 9 in pack depending on diaper size) or $17.99 for a large pack of 24 to30.(Diaper sizes 1-5)

Interlink Books


SPECIAL DEAL: [SPECIAL IS EXPIRED] Interlink Publishing is offering a discount coupon code to A Traveler’s Library readers. 20% off any book you order from their web site.

This may be my favorite place for literary travel books. The beautiful books they publish are carefully selected for smart, discerning readers. Their tag line says it all “Changing the Way People Think About the World.”  I have reviewed  Italian Art for Travelers and A Traveler’s History of Italy.  Check Interlink’s Gift Suggestion Page. And go here for CHILDREN’S Books, including young adult that span the world. Prices vary, and you get a discount of 20% just for reading A Traveler’s Library.

Yak Pak Psychedelia


Special Deal for readers of A Traveler’s Library.[SPECIAL IS EXPIRED] YakPak has offered to give one of you a student backpacks–and you get to choose a pattern (from those available).*See rules below.

Specially for pre-teens and teens.

Last January, a lucky reader here won a Yak Pak tote bag.  I was so impressed, that when they offered to let me test one of their backpacks, I jumped at the chance.  They chose the pattern (they have just short of a jillion stylish patterns) and I got one called “Black Psychedelia.” It’s a genuine back-to-the-sixties purple and yellow and orange and green and red tie-dye. The teenagers in the family think it is tres cool, and I got comments when I carried it through the airport.

The material of Yak Paks–in small purses up to carry-on suitcases–is the most amazing stuff.  It is so strong that I can’t imagine it ever tearing, and it doesn’t even scuff. This student backpack has a big interior and one small exterior pocket, and it holds a lot of stuff– including my netbook–with ease. But check the variety of choices at their website. This one costs $25 at the YakPak site.


Let’s have an eco-friendly Christmas. Can we do without the mounds of throw-away paper and ribbon and all that frou-frou? In the US alone, an additional 5 million (an equivalent to 25% more garbage) tons of waste is generated during the winter holidays.

Bobo Everyday Wrap

No-paper wrapping , the Bobo Wrap. Wrap in a scarf that is a 2nd present. The one shown is $9.95 but they have much more expensive ones, too.

Lyzi Wrap Rip-Stop Nylon

Lyzi Wrap–stretchy fabric, bags made from old plastic banners, all kinds of fun stuff and all containers will be reusable. $6-$9 for Lyzi Wraps.

Disclaimer: Although I selected all of these products BEFORE the companies provided samples, in addition to offering my readers a discount, Publishers Lonely Planet and Museyon gave me review copies of their books. CSN stores gave me a gift certificate to purchase anything I wished in their store. Vinni Bags sent me a sample bag so I could see how it works. YakPak sent me a student backpack to review.

*For the Yak Pak Giveaway [EXPIRED]

  • I’ll pick a comment at random, from those comments that tell me which gift on the list you are most likely to buy.For extra chances, tweet about this post (using @pen4hire in the tweet) or Subscribe by e-mail.
  • Starting now.
  • Ending December 15, 2010. (Must have U.S. mailing address)

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  1. I love cashmere, and I would love anyone who gave me cashmere as a gift. I’ve also wanted to try Bo Bo wraps for a while.

  2. I LOVE the idea of the Bobo Wrap. I think I’m going to have to order some of those to start using for presents. What a great way to give gifts! Maybe I’ll even get some of those for my own readers because they are just the coolest idea I’ve seen in a while. Of course, that cashmere wrap is what I’d like to gift to myself. I could SO snuggle up in that.

  3. I’m back again. Silly me … I would most likely get the Book Lust to Go or that travel wrap (shawl), but you know … I have a sweater kind of like that, and it makes the TSA nervous. I’ve been groped a fair bit because of it … since I’m forever forgetting to take it off.

    I’m also a fan of the bobo gift wrap. I follow them on FB, and everything. :o)

    Off to tweet now.

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  5. Great suggestions except I don’t like the diaper buds idea. I travel a lot (a good portion of my income is through travel writing) and I have a new baby and I bring cloth diapers on all our trips. Traveling with cloth helps you meet all sorts of people and see places (like the laundry mats) that you might otherwise miss.

  6. Such cool stuff! I’m kind of a homebody so anything that makes travel easier and comfier … I’m all ears!

  7. Great list! Glad you have taken the environment into consideration, as much as possible, and hope for even more next year. Especially noted #10. What a classy looking present and two in one! Neat.

  8. what a creative and varied list. I was going to say you might add some music, but hey, you know I’ll gift ideas for music coming along over at Music Road — and as I recall, you bought an album I suggested last year…

  9. I love the cloth wrapping “paper”! Very nice. We’ve been doing this for a long time, but that is really very elegant.

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