12 Gifts for Your Holiday Reading

Travel Ornaments

I hope that Susan Johnston, The Urban Muse, agrees that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, because I’m stealing her idea of offering the 12 days of Christmas posts (Even though mine is more like the 12 Days AFTER Christmas!!) While I’m on vacation (i.e. reading something that I won’t be reviewing, just because I want to and pigging out on Emily Dickinson Cake), you may be looking for something to read.

Here are some of MY favorite posts from A Traveler’s Library of the past year, mixed in with some of the most read posts.  Can you tell them apart? And yes, the list is a bit heavy on France, since a trip to France was my obsession this year.

I hope you’ll enjoy visiting (or revisiting) these posts.

  1. 36 Hours in Tucson (another post right above this has a slideshow.)
  2. Madame Bovary (France)
  3. King Gustavus Goofed (Sweden)
  4. Nine Lives (India)
  5. The Perfect French Movie
  6. Eat Cheaper in Paris (France)
  7. Author Interview with Jennifer Stiel (Yemen)
  8. Osiyo (Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma)
  9. A Week at the Airport (England)
  10. Blue Highways (Kick off to the Great American Road Trip)
  11. James Thurber (Ohio)
  12. Remembering the Veterans of Normandy (France)

Later, I’m going to list:

  • the most popular road trip stops of 2010
  • my favorite books of the year
  • my favorite movies of the year.

Don’t drink too much eggnog! Because you may be asked to play along.  Did you have a favorite place/book/movie that A Traveler’s Library visited during 2010? What country/book or movie  have we NOT visited enough to suit you??

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Vera Marie Badertscher

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6 thoughts on “12 Gifts for Your Holiday Reading

  1. Wow, you sure do get around the globe, Vera. I’m interested in checking out all these posts, especially that one about a week in an airport in England. Seriously?

    1. Sigh! It would be nice if I literally got around to all the places that I travel to in books and movies. But at least I appreciate the opportunity to travel by book. Counting books I read, I just completed a trip to Nepal and another to the wester United States, now am virtual traveling to Switzerland and Africa. Couldn’t do those two simultaneously without books!!

  2. Vera,
    the twelve days of Christmas are actually the days between Christmas and Epiphany, so historically, you’re right on track.

    look forward to seeing what your visitors are enjoying most about our road trip adventures, and seeing how they pair up to the parts of the raod trip people are follwing most over at Music Road. been quite a journey, hasn’t it? and more to come…

    1. Kerry: I think that is appropriate, since we’re hoping to create a few epiphanies with our various posts. And I learned at the Irish Christmas in America program that Ireland and many other countries traditionally made a much bigger deal about Ephiphany than Christmas Day.
      Merr and W.E., glad you are enjoying the links.

      Thanks for the support of all you frequent readers!

  3. Also…I love your travel ornament collection in the photo. What a splendid idea for an avid traveler. Beautiful–and meaningful.

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