Can You Help?

According to Travel Blog Sites, A Traveler’s Library is 100th in travel blogs–based strictly on number of viewers.  Last year we did better than that. Do you believe A Traveler’s Library should rank higher–be read by more people?

You can do one of several things to help.

There’s a very small blue button down there in the right hand corner somewhere that says “Rate Our Site”  Click on it and pick a number of stars for A Traveler’s Library and write a review.

Stumble Upon brings lots of traffic to A Traveler’s Library, and you can help by clicking the stumble upon button below each post to promote that post, or by stumbling the site itself. (When the address bar shows only “  If you are not a member of stumble and have no interest, move on to something else. But you can find a lot of cool stuff by joining Stumble Upon.

Tell your friends, write a wall post on Facebook, Tweet about A Traveler’s Library.

Why should you do any of this? Because it will get you good karma to share something you like with people you like.

THANK YOU for being here!!

Vera Marie Badertscher

Travel and lifestyle writer, wife, mother and grandmother. Publisher of A Traveler’s Library and Ancestors in Aprons>. Also co-authored a biography of Navajo artist Quincy Tahoma.

Vera Marie Badertscher – who has written posts on A Traveler's Library.

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  1. I did the stumble upon thing- but I couldn’t find the Alexa button. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place. Oh wait a minute- was it this “Review our site on” is that the button? I’ll try it now :)

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