5 Travel Bargains and Oscar Nominee Movies

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Going to a movie? Planning a trip with your sweetie? Before you book a flight, read on for some travel deas…

Winning an Oscar reaps financial rewards for any movie. Being nominated helps, too.  But why should the movie makers be the only ones to benefit?

Academy Award Winner

CheapOair points to  special deals to let you explore the settings of six Oscar-nominated movies. (We are not advocating that you look at only one place for tickets and hotels–shop around.)

Since I am always lagging behind in my movie watching, I asked my son Ken (not to be confused with husband Ken), who sees EVERYTHING,  to tell us something about each of the six movies that CheapOair wants you to visit.  Turns out Ken had seen ALMOST everything. Here are his mini reviews and CheapOair’s deals, which must be redeemed by February 21.


Mini review:

Nina Sayers has one goal in Black Swan: a perfect performance as the lead in Swan Lake. To pull it off, she has to set aside the pure precision that makes her ideal to play the White Swan, and open herself to the darker nature, duplicity and passion of the Black Swan. She finds her way partly by breaking out of the overprotective arms of her theatrical mother’s apartment and setting herself free on the streets of the New York.

CheapOair is offering a vacation deal to the Bentley Hotel, in New York, starting at $ 159 per night. Sample round trip airfare is also available at CheapOair starting at $288. (Please go to their site for the fine print on all of these deals–there’s quite a bit of fine print.)


Mini Review

Prince Albert, the Duke of York, faces adversities both physical and emotional in the decade before England enters World War II. His father King George V dies and his older brother the Prince of Wales, utterly unprepared for the monarchy, takes up the crown as King Edward VIII. On top of all that, the advent of radio is a particular problem for a man who has been a stutterer all his life. Fortune favors the Duke as his wife finds an uncommon commoner, Australian Lionel Logue, who proves an able speech therapist and fast friend to the future King. The scenes inside Westminster Abbey alone are enough to make you want to go to London. (Note: One blogger calls this a Women’s Movie About  Men. See if you agree with her.)

CheapOair is offering a vacation deal from New York to London starting at only $363 per person. The package includes roundtrip airfare and a four night stay at the Hilton Wembley Plaza. (Fine print on site)


Mini Review (Jane Boursaw because this is the one that son Ken did NOT see)

The Fighter hits all of the right notes, telling the real-life story of boxer “Irish” Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg), a blue-collar guy from Lowell, Massachusetts who goes on to win a welterweight title, but not without a lot of losses, family frustrations, and tough talk from his bar maid girlfriend Charlene Fleming (Amy Adams). (See Jane’s total review at Reel Life With Jane)

Note: Lowell is CLOSE to Boston.  And any excuse to go to Boston is a good one. (Two years ago I featured a book with a walking tour of Boston. If you’re going to take this trip, be sure to pick up Walking Boston: 34 Tours Through Beantown’s Cobblestone Streets, Historic Districts, Ivory Towers and New Waterfront . The CheapOair trip includes the Kimpton Marlowe hotel. I love Kimpton hotels and stayed at Kimpton’s Nine Zero near Boston Commons on our trip to Boston.)

CheapOair is offering a vacation deal from Los Angeles to Boston starting at only $477 per person. The package includes roundtrip airfare and a four night stay at the Hotel Marlowe- A Kimpton Hotel. (Fine print at CheapOair site)


Mini Review

In addition to being a challenge to follow as you watch it, Inception is a challenge to follow in the real world, as most of the movie takes place within the minds of the characters. A few exceptions include exteriors in Osaka and Tokyo, a street scene in Tangiers, and several early scenes in Paris where Dom Cobb opens the eyes of his protege Ariadne to the possibilities of creating impossible architecture in lucid dreams.

CheapOair is offering a vacation deal to visit the location where Leonardo DiCaprio taught Ellen Page the tricks and trade of The Pasiv dream machine. Starting at $ 119* per night, stay at Holiday Inn Paris La Villete. Sample round trip airfare is also available at CheapOair starting at $468. (More fine print at CheapOair site)


Mini Review

The story may be set in western Arkansas and southeastern Oklahoma, but the scenery is pure Texas in this updated western from Joel and Ethan Coen. Fourteen year old Mattie Ross travels from her home in Arkansas to retrieve her father’s body from a small town in Oklahoma. To track down her father’s killer, she enlists the aid of a crusty US Marshal, Rooster Cogburn, and they are joined by Texas Ranger LaBoeuf. They ride off into Indian territory, much of which looks the same today as it must have in the late 1800’s.

CheapOair is offering a vacation deal from Los Angeles to Austin starting at only $611 per person. The package includes roundtrip airfare and a four night stay at the Renaissance Austin Hotel. (More fine print on CheapOair Site)


Mini Review

Born at Harvard, Facebook is now firmly entrenched in Silicon Valley, with headquarters in Stanford Research Park in Palo Alto. While entertaining, this story of Mark Zuckerberg’s creation tends to take some liberties with the reality of building a web startup. Enterpreneurs are not typically rock star types with sex-crazed groupies. To view them in the wild yourself, you’d have better luck hanging out around the ubiquitous Santa Clara county office parks than in downtown San Jose clubs. (Note: Ken was one of those techie nerds in Silicon Valley, so listen up.)

CheapOair is offering a vacation deal from New York to San Jose starting at only $608 per person. The package includes roundtrip airfare and a five night stay at the four star Four Points By Sheraton San Jose. (More fine print at the CheapOair web site.)

All reservations must be made by February 21, and there is a lot of fine print involved, so be sure to check the CheapOair web site for details.

If you could go to one of these five places–which would you choose?

(Disclaimers: The photos came from Flickr and the talented photographers have other work there, which you can see by clicking on the picture.  Unfortunately for me, CheapOair, true to their name did not pay me ANYTHING to write this entire post plugging their website. And out of fairness, I should repeat that you should shop around–and be sure to look at Cheap Flights, which DOES advertise on this site. )

Thanks to son Ken for providing four mini reviews, and for Jane Boursaw for allowing me to cadge off her site for one. Couldn’t have done it without the two of you.

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  1. I loved “The Kings Speech”- what an exceptional movie because it showcased history as well as the whole theme of friendship and the ability to overcome! Wow- really a great film.

  2. I’ve seen three of these (Inception, King’s Speech and Social Network). Of those, King’s Speech deserves to take home the lion’s share of the gongs – a stunningly well told movie. And for Friels to so admirably and believably both stutter convincingly and to reduce his stammer through the movie is a fine piece of acting. The agony for this speech impediment is visible for all to see. Will be interesting to see who gets up. The British equivalents gave a number of its main prizes to the King’s Speech.

    1. Mark: I totally agree. A blogger friend wrote a post about how women loved King’s Speech and men merely liked it. You seem to be a contradiction to her rule. The thing is, I can’t describe it in a sentence or two that convinces my husband to go see it. “You see there’s this royal guy who has a stammer and a commoner who treats him” Boy howdy that sounds exciting! Where are the car chases?? But as my brother the film lecturer says, we commoners like to see a situation where the Royal has to take orders.

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