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waterfall at Doubtful Sound, New Zealand
Small Waterfall near Doubtful Sound

“It is true I have not been Everywhere. But I’ve done the next best thing. I’ve been to New Zealand.”

That sentence concluded the post I wrote about the trip Ken and I took to New Zealand.  I called it 5 Reasons Why New Zealand, but I could have written at least 95 more reasons!

I am calling your attention to that post, and hope you’ll read it if you have not already, because TODAY launches the world-wide effort to share the beauty and excitement of travel to New Zealand.  It’s called Blog 4NZ, and was the brain storm of ever-energetic Craig over at Indie Travel Podcast.

If you are also a blogger, then join the fun and blog about your own adventures in New Zealand, today, tomorrow and the next day.  And if you are a reader–share the message on Facebook and Twitter (using the #Blog4NZ hash tag)–New Zealand is back and ready for travelers!

Read more blogs about New Zealand. Find links at the Blog4NZ Facebook Page.

And if you always thought you could not afford New Zealand….now is the time to go. Never a better time for bargain travel. Check out the New Zealand Tourism page for suggestions.

Monday I’m back to business as usual, talking about books for travellers to Arab countries, but on Tuesday I’ve promised to scan some of my non-digital pictures of our trip to New Zealand and share them with you.

Share links to other articles about New Zealand in the comment section below. (If you are reading this in a reader, you need to click through to the Website in order to comment.)

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  1. I sure do wish I could go and visit New Zealand- maybe one day- right now I’m in Singapore…so close and yet…still so far away :)

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