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World Map showing location of famous storiesQUESTIONS

I would really appreciate your answers to a few questions, to help me plan for the next few months.

Where should we go?

I have gone through spells of concentrating for a week on one country. Did it with Greece. Did it with Italy.  I did a series of France on Friday, and that title still pops up once in a while. Most recently, because of current events, I’ve been talking about books that take you to the Middle East and Arab countries.

I sense that you may be getting tired of that area–although I still maintain that it is important. Am I sensing right? Do you want to move on?  Where do you want to go next?

If you have a particular country you want to learn about, check the Destinations tab and see what we already have. [A reader has pointed out that is not a good way to check, because it just delivers a long list of posts--if you are looking for a specific place, type in the name of the country, city, region in the search box, OR go to the Search by Category list if you just want to check a list of everything we've covered--most posts are categorized by post.] Want more? Let me know? Something missing entirely? Let me know that, too. You can choose more than one.


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  1. How bout the Caribbean? There are some wonderful women writers in particular! Maybe next WINTER????

  2. I like the idea of 4 or 5 articles in a row (but not more) on one country/region lets a consistent theme and point of comparison emerge. Similarly a specific day of the week dedicated to a country for a month or two is a good approach. I think some possible themes or countries include colonisation and independence of sub-Saharan Africa, books about/from Scandinavia, and books on some of the countries of eastern Europe (Hungary, Baltic states, …). Your blog is one of the best written blogs around and all praise is well deserved.

    1. Gee, thank you Mark. I’m blushing. I agree we need more Africa. A concentration on Scandinavia would be fun (summer as opposed to winter in the Caribean). I have been sneaking in an eastern Europe book once in a while–did you read The Tiger’s Wife? Thanks for all the suggestions.

  3. A few books to recommend about Antarctica – Berserk by David Mercy – more adventure than anything but he writes beautifully about the continent. Terra Incognita, Travels in Antarctica by Sara Wheeler is a worthwhile read.
    Mr. Darwin’s Shooter and A Pirate of Exquisite Mind: The Life of William Dampier are good reads with regards to the Galapagos.

    I like a mix of recommendations.

  4. Here’s an idea – feel free to discard! Instead of focusing on a particular place for a week, why not focus on a particular ERA? Then you could examine how various cultures lived in the late 1800s, turn of the 20th century, etc. etc. Good compare-and-contrast material!

    1. That’s an interesting concept, Casey, and could make for a whole blog platform, I think. I love history reads myself. The bottom line question would be, is it helpful to travelers? I have to ask myself that question every time I do a book set in another time.

  5. I voted for one week of one destination, because then you can really get into the place and learn some cool stuff about it.

  6. I like the focus on the Middle East, because that’s certainly been on my mind and I’m sure others lately. What about more about the Civil War? This year is the 150th anniversary of its start, I’ve been meaning to read more about it. I love Killer Angels about Gettysburg.

  7. well, first, i love all your articles. i like it when you focus on an area, so that i can get a sense of a region (and books about it). i’d like to see a few posts about unusual/hard to get to places (antarctica, easter island, glapagos, etc.).

    1. Maybe I should read the Voyage of the Beagle? Or at least a biography of Charles Darwin. We did have a book of poetry and photos of Easter Island, and some pretty remote island posts, also, but you’re right about Antarctica. I’ve been keeping an eye out for the right book there.

    1. Thank you NPC, I’ve added a note. and moved the search by category box up closer to the top of the right hand column. That will give you a list of all categories–most of which are destinations. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  8. When I’m planning a trip, I like to read about that region ahead of time, so I like that I can search on one destination and see what you recommend. But as a regular weekly reader, I appreciate variety so that if you’re covering an area I’m unlikely to visit anytime soon, I know we’ll move along soon.

  9. I like having a theme going on in your posts- I clicked the one week for one destination button. I think it is great to get to know books about a particular area of the world- both novels and travel books- it really helps expand our knowledge of that geographic region- or city- or what have you.

    I’m actually intrigued with various parts of Canada- like Nova Scotia- Montreal – Prince Edward Island …

    1. Connie: Since I’m planning a trip to Nova Scotia and Prince Edwards Island, I have the feeling you’re gong to hear about them soon. I feel like Johnnie Carson as the Great Carnac (or however it was spelled), because I’ve started on the books list before I got this note!

  10. Hah! Do people really ask you if every book reviewed is available in a contest? (Interesting-never occurred to me-you make clear what is available as a prize). Thanks! -r

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