Travel Photo Thursday: Hatch NM

Just have to share this Uncle Sam from the small town of Hatch, New Mexico. The town is best known as the green chile capital of the world. And what’s that in Uncle Sam’s hand??

Uncle Sam in Hatch, NM, Chile capital of the world
Uncle Sam in Hatch, NM, Chile capital of the world

This photo is posted as part of Travel Photo Thursday, started by Budget Travel SandboxΒ where you can see a gorgeous Canadian sunset. You can also join the Thursday Travel Photo fun at her site, and click on the names under her post to see more Travel Photo Thursday pictures.

To see more of my photos of Hatch, go to my Facebook profile and click on Photos. Β If you are not a member of Facebook, they tell me you can see it with this link. (somebody let me know, please?)

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19 thoughts on “Travel Photo Thursday: Hatch NM

    1. Thanks, InsideJourneys. Sorry your post got caught in the spam filter and it took me a few days to find it. Southern Arizona and southern New Mexico are almost always good for beautiful cloud pictures this time of year!

  1. Great sculpture!
    I was in Oregon recently and purchased a book called, “Only in Oregon: Natural and Manmade Landmarks and Oddities.” Sounds like a book you need to add to your collection. πŸ˜‰

  2. They do great green chili in New Mexico, don’t they? A colleague used to bring us some to work whenever they traveled there. Love that Uncle Sam’s holding one in his hand πŸ™‚ And I really like that you can see all the other statues in the background.

    1. Ah, yes, but you can’t actually see ALL of the statues, for that you have to follow the link to my facebook profile. And even then, I missed the pig on the edge of town and the robot at Sparky’s. Your Walking on water picture was awesome, by the way.

      1. Thanks πŸ™‚ How many statues are there? Too cool! Couldn’t see the pic on Facebook. I think your settings are private. Or maybe I’m just not smart enough to find it. Quite possible πŸ™‚

    1. Cheryl: He’s right next to a Paul Bunyan figure holding a teeny-tiny (by comparison) house trailer. The whole street is pretty hilarious. You can see more on my Facebook profile page, which I linked in the comment to Sophie.

  3. I like those huge roadside sculptures. Haven’t seen that many in the USA (but then it’s been a while since I’ve been). They’re all over Australia and have names like the Big Banana or the Big diplodocus… Fun!

    1. Sophie: I’ve seen a blog devoted to strange things seen along the road. U.S. has plenty of them. A friend of mine has written a book about Arizona Oddities and is working on one on New Mexico. The Paul Bunyan figures are particularly prevalent and are seen painted in many different ways all over the world. You can see the Hatch one at my Facebook profile page, where I posted a whole album of the roadside statues in Hatch.

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