Travel Photo Thursday, Playing Dress Up in Nova Scotia

Ft. Anne Two litle Acadians
Ft. Anne Two litle Acadians

These two Quebecois sisters played dress-up as Acadian settlers at Ft. Anne, the birthplace of Canada, in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. The museum there has hands-on activities for children in every room.

Two Sisters play dressup in Louisbourg
Two Sisters play dressup in Louisbourg

These two (considerably older) sisters play dress-up as 18th century French colonists at the Beggar’s Banquet at Point of View Suites in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia. Everyone who attends the banquet, dresses in costume.

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12 thoughts on “Travel Photo Thursday, Playing Dress Up in Nova Scotia

    1. Debbie: Once you agree to buy tickets for the Beggar’s Banquet, you’re committed to dressing up. They have big shelves of skirts, underskirts, blouses, vests, caps for women and pantaloons and shirts and vests for the men. Everybody pulls on these clothes before going in to the dining room. (And I love your Salzburg photos!)

  1. How adorable those two little sisters are (and the older ones too) 🙂 This would be such fun- to ‘play dress up’- I do have the East Coast and Nova Scotia on my list of places to visit and I plan to play dress up while I’m there 🙂

    1. Jessie: Our clothes are different because they’re from a different (later) era, and a more prosperous colony. But I love the little wooden shoes they had for the little girls.

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