10 Perfect Gifts for Travelers Who Read (2011 Edition)

Ten Perfect Gifts for Travelers Who Read. Buy them or put them on your wish list. And don’t miss the DISCOUNTS just for YOU! Look for the $$.

1. Showoffs Travel Bags $14.99 (for package of two small,two large, 3 plastic bottles) up to $35.99 for larger pack.

I have to admit that when I first saw these decorated plastic bags, (sent to me by the company) I thought “Who needs that? I have Ziplock™.  However, when you’ve had a grueling airplane flight, you’re adjusting to a new time zone in a blah hotel, it is awfully nice to have something pretty that makes you smile.


They come in many lovely designs, from feminine to tailored. And, worry not, I breezed through security with the smaller bags stuffed with liquids or creams with nary a frown from the uniforms.

Interlink Books

$$ 2. Interlink Books (Varied prices)

20% off your order if you’re a reader of A Traveler’s Library. When you order, tell them A Traveler’s Library sent you, and you want your 20% off.

I could not improve on the description of Interlink Books on their web site:

Using travel as a way to build cultural bridges has been part of Interlink’s fabric since its birth 24 years ago…(Our books) give you the background information to enrich your journey; they encourage you to connect with people; they nudge you to leave your comfort zone, and help you to discover the unfamiliar. If you would like to get to the heart and soul of a city, go there with an open mind—independently; read about the city’s history and indulge in its genuine cuisine culture; and most importantly sample the literature of its leading novelists.

And if you need one more reason to shop at Interlink Books–they are a contributor to the Passports With Purpose fund raiser.

 $$ 3. OKA b shoes

15% discount on all the “shoes that love you” to readers of A Traveler’s Library. Go to Oka b’s web site and use the code: OKA15C4P in the box “Promotion Code”. Please read the  fine print here.

Oka b Shoes I first came upon Oka b sandals at a resort spa at the Resort at Squaw Creek in Squaw Valley at Lake Tahoe. It was an impulse purchase that I have never regretted. That first pair of sandals became my house-shoes, my travel slippers, my emergency dressier-than-Keds shoes. They are soft and flexible, have a ridged surface that massages your foot as you walk, and they even fit my impossible-to-fit feet.  People with less difficult feet can select from a wide variety of slip-on shoes from Oka  b, but meanwhile, I’m accumulating a pair of my favorite, Jasmine,  in every color. Definitely a PERFECT gift for the male OR female traveler on your list.

Envirosax Travel Set

4. Enviro Sax (Under $25)

Envirosax LoadedThis is the travel set of EnviroSax–one bag each with Paris, New York and Sidney on the side. The company sent me this set several months ago. I reviewed it here, and have used it constantly. How convenient to put that tiny little rolled-up bag in your luggage, and then be able to expand when you need to. Here’s one fully packed for a picnic.

The many designs are sophisticated and fun.

And here’s another idea–use a bag to wrap a present. No throw away mess.



Liberty Water Bottles5. Liberty Bottleworks: Water Bottles made in the USA. ($16-18)

I really mean to stop using plastic disposable water bottles. Honest, I do.  But I’ve had a hard time finding an affordable option that holds enough water for a thirsty Arizonan and doesn’t contain nasty BPAs.  Liberty Bottleworks to the rescue.  They sent me two of their travel-themed bottles–one  with a topo map of the Grand Canyon and one with a BART map (metro) for San Francisco. You can choose from many gorgeous-er designs (EG:See those by Audrey Kranz), but I thought you, as a traveler, would appreciate the map theme. Agree?

Feel good about this choice–100% recycled aluminum. 1% of their profits goes to charity. Think of all the money you can save by not buying $3 bottles of water at airports. And you can buy either 16 oz or 32 oz. The cap stays on tight. And the price is right.

$$ 6. Lonely Planet Book: Great Journeys. $39.99 a the Lonely Planet Site

20% off your order at lonelyplanet.com/shop when you enter the code “Travlib” at checkout. Good through January 15, 2012. Please read the fine print here.

Every holiday gift list must contain at least one block-buster book, and this is it. Great Journeys suggests routes by train, on foot, road trips by car or bus, and any other conveyance you can think of. In this exhaustive book, you’ll track famous trips (Marco Polo); scenic  wonders; cultural introductions; adventurous trips and easy ones. In typical Lonely Planet style the photos are luscious and the narrative practical. What time of year should you go? How long will it take? What are the don’t-miss components? Because the book is crammed with so many trips, some of the descriptions are a bit superficial (“Don’t forget to get a Visa for Iran” as though that is simple). However, think of this as a book of temptations rather than a guidebook.  If you actually decide to follow one of these treks, you’ll need to buy one or more LP Guide Books to help with the details.  Readers who travel (or travelers who read) will be particularly interested in the suggestions for books and movies at each stop.

$$ 7. Through a Dog’s Ear , C.D.s for your pet. Prices vary from $14.98 through $99.98 for one CD through a set of eight.

Through a Dog's Ear- Household MusicDiscounts for readers of A Traveler’s Library  AND  Will My Dog Hate Me. Buy these TWO CDs: Driving Edition and Music to Calm your Canine Companion Vol. 3 and get 25% off until December 31, 2011. Use coupon code TravelWithCalmDog. Please see FINE PRINT here.

Not all dogs love to ride in cars. Many of them are stressed by the noise and movement — or by the idea that they’re heading for the vet. Our pet travel expert, Edie Jarolim, who writes Will My Dog Hate Me and reviews pet travel books for her Pet Travel Book Club here at A Traveler’s Library, offers a remedy.

The Through a Dog’s Ear CD series, created by a scientist, a veterinarian and a Juilliard-trained pianist, helps calm your dog with classical music in a variety of stressful situations (including too many strangers in the house for the holidays). Edie elicited a testimonial of the CDs’ effectiveness from Wrigley the dog, who was surprised to discover a famous composer shared a name with a movie dog: see Roll Over Beethoven.

Travelon Bag8. Travelon Bag $39.98 at the Travelon Site, less expensive elsewhere on the Internet.

Jane Boursaw, who writes about film at Reel Life With Jane and here on Wednesday Matinee,  has a three-compartment, expandable Travelon shoulder bag.  “I have very specific requirements, mostly having to do with how much I can pack into an organized space, whether there’s room to sneak snacks into theaters, and how easily I can get to stuff inside the bag while sitting ina dark theater. :-)”  Travelon has many styles of luggage and handbags in sturdy microfiber fabric, but this one might be the perfect one for your travel gift.

9.Music for the Holidays: Winter’s Eve: Acoustic Music (blues and jazz) or Song of Solstice
(Celtic) $12.00 and $20.00.

Kerry Dexter, who writes about music at Music Road (where you will find more gift suggestons) and here on Music Mondays, suggests two albums to celebrate the holidays. You can match the musical taste of your gift recipient. (We have linked these two to Amazon for your convenience because you can listen to the tracks there, and the prices quoted are at Amazon, but you may want to buy at your local music or bookstore.) Kerry explains the music:

On Winter’s Eve, there’s a jazz bluegrass fusion banjo led take on a familiar melody in Carol of the Kings, a study of  grief and repentance in Absalom,  and a celebration of joyous renewal in New Night Dawning. Variety and diversity enough to reach across a range of faiths and musical tastes, and make them worth  the listening at the holidays and through the year.

On Song of Solstice, you may hear about the lively Celtic winter spirit of The Green Man, reflect on how Buddha, Christ, and the light each of us brings to the world are connected, and enjoy the meditative carol In the Bleak Midwinter.

10. Stray Boots Tours  (Per person price $12-for one tour zone, $30 for three)

On a Stray Boots TourNot really an organized tour kind of person, but you’d like to learn a bit more about the city you’re visiting? Stray Boots provides a cell-phone activated, do-it-yourself tour and scavanger hunt rolled into one.  This puts the fun back in discovering a city, and I can imagine that it would be super fun played with two teams or with a family.  Families with teens who think travel is “Bor-r-r-ring” might particularly benefit from the lively Stray Boots Tours.

The company sent me codes so I could sample a D.C. tour and a San Francisco tour.  I ran through some of the questions and challenges on my smart phone.  My small sampling of the game intrigued me enough that I’d definitely want to try this out the next time I’m planning a city jaunt.  Love finding those obscure places and bits of information as I travel.

Disclaimers, per the regular policy of A Traveler’s Library: I have mentioned above when companies sent me trial products. I frequently review books sent to me by Interlink books. however, when people send me no-good products or no-good books, I don’t recommend them to you. Photos were supplied by the companies, with the exception of the loaded Envirosax, which is my photo, and the CD covers which are Amazon links. If you shop by clicking on an Amazon link in this post,Music Road, as an Amazon affiliate, will make a few cents, but your price does not increase. 

And there you have it– a variety of gifts for the variety of people you are buying gifts for; a variety of prices for all pocketbooks, and best of all–DISCOUNTS!  I have some more ideas, so I will be back soon with some different kinds of suggestions.  So, which of these gifts would you be most likely to buy?? And why?

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A freelance writer who loves to travel. When she is not traveling she is reading about travel. When she is not reading or traveling, she is sharing with the readers of A Traveler's Library, recreating her family's past at Ancestors In Aprons . She writes frequently for Reel Life With Jane and other websites. Also co-author of a biography, Quincy Tahoma, The Life and Legacy of a Navajo Artist. Contact Vera Marie by e-mail.

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