Travel Photo Thursday: Republic of Ireland

Since this is Northern Ireland week at A Traveler’s Library, I feel a little sheepish about running photos from the Republic of Ireland (the southern part of Ireland that achieved its independence from Britain.) But I have not visited Northern Ireland, so I’m picking prototypical Irish scenes that might represent any part of Ireland.

Celtic Cross in graveyard
Celtic Cross in graveyard


Rocks and flowers
Rocks and flowers


Real Irish music on the path to Ring Fort
Real Irish music on the path to Ring Fort


A peat fire burns in the middle of the island village
A peat fire burns in the middle of the island village, recreation of bronze age village.


These pictures are my contribution to Travel Photo Thursday. For more travel photos from around the world go to Budget Travelers Sandbox.

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14 thoughts on “Travel Photo Thursday: Republic of Ireland

  1. The one thing Northern Ireland and the Republic share is the landscape. So lots of NI looks like the Republic (and vice versa). But a quick look at a tourist guide will reveal a number of must-see things north of the border such as the Giant’s Causeway.

    So next time, perhaps, P4H!

    By the way, the other place that people frequently miss in Ireland is Donegal (the northwest corner). It’s very spectacular.

  2. Just back from 10 days in the Republic of Ireland. Is the cross from the Rock of Cashel? I’ve done two Ireland posts about our trip. My next one will include a celtic cross. I found them very compelling. I kept taking photos of them.

  3. So happy I visited your site this week, as I’m headed to Ireland and Northern Ireland next month! Thank you for the wonderful photos … now to read the other posts. 🙂

    1. It was such a treat to find musicians along the path as we walked to a ring fort in the Aran islands. Of course they’re doing it to pick up a few bucks, but it is SO lovely to hear that music there.

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