I can’t resist a photo challenge. This one asks for photos that portray “smile”.  Of course I have loads of smiley grandchildren pictures, and me or Ken smiling in front of famous landmarks, but this one is a bit more unique. What do you think?

Millenium Park Crown Sculpture
Millennium Park Crown Sculpture, Chicago, USA


The Crown Sculpture, created by Jaume Plensa, features glass tiles, and shows digital videos of faces of actual Chicagoans, changing throughout the day. Two towers face each other across a shallow reflecting pool. That alone would make it special, but the faces change expressions. Wait, there’s more….every few minutes the mouth becomes a fountain (à la the gargoyles and fishes spouting water that you’ve seen around the world) and happy people have more smiles as they get doused by a fellow Chicagoan spitting on them.

You can see more in several YouTube videos. I thought this was one of the best.

Millennium Park in Chicago overflows with interesting things to see and do, like the Bean reflective sculpture (Okay, okay, the name is really Cloud Gate, but nobody calls it that), but the interactive fountain towers really stole my heart.

If you want to see more “smiles” and maybe even enter the challenge yourself, go to 2 Away and check out Photo Roulette.

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  1. After photographing “The Bean,” I spent quite a while watching kids playing in the water between the two towers of the Crown Sculpture, shooting numbers shots of it, as well. Both art works are a great part of a great city park.

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