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INTERLINK BOOKS In 2009, I gushed, “I am absolutely, deliriously infatuated with the publishing company called Interlink. With 616(now 732)  books  that are dedicated to World Travel listed on their web page, it seems that you can go anywhere, with any interest and they’ve got you covered. For years, I have been buying their Traveller’s History series for European countries I visit.”

And please note that World Travel is only one category, they publish a LOT more books than 732!

In 2010, I recommended their books on my Ten Perfect Gifts for Traveler’s Who Read list.

In 2011, Interlink first volunteered to contribute a gift certificate for books to Passports With Purpose.

And in 2012 they once again are contributing $300 worth of books particularly suitable for travelers.  You can learn all about Passports With Purpose and the prize in my announcement post. That’s where you find out how YOU can get a chance on $300 worth of books for only $10. Last year, this is what I said about Interlink (I toned it down a little, but I’m still gushing).

“Have you looked at the catalog for Interlink Books? You will see:

                                  Interlink Books

Changing the Way That People Think About the World

I quoted their self description once before, but I’m going to repeat it, because it is so enticing for travelers who really want to KNOW the country they are traveling to.

Using travel as a way to build cultural bridges has been part of Interlink’s fabric since its birth 24 years ago…(Our books) give you the background information to enrich your journey; they encourage you to connect with people; they nudge you to leave your comfort zone, and help you to discover the unfamiliar. If you would like to get to the heart and soul of a city, go there with an open mind—independently; read about the city’s history and indulge in its genuine cuisine culture; and most importantly sample the literature of its leading novelists.

Sounds like it could be the mantra for A Traveler’s Library as well, doesn’t it? I particularly love the “nudge you to leave your comfort zone, and help you discover the unfamiliar.” I can’t begin to tell you what a joy it is to browse through their carefully selected titles. You can browse by region of the world or by category. Although they have a category called “travel”, every book they carry relates to enriching your travel experience, or tempting you to book a ticket.

And here’s a tip–sign up for their e-newsletter. I get the best ideas for new reading material from them and they are constantly introducing me to foreign authors I would otherwise have missed. “

I suggest that you take a look at their many categories and see how many contain books of value to you.  Going to a particular country? Search for it.  Interested in a particular subject, like politics or cooking, or maybe kids’ books? They are all there. And they also have the BEST fiction by foreign authors.

Once you see what you want, go to Passports With Purpose and bid $10 on a chance to win $300 worth of books from Interlink. (They’re third on the list under “Gift Certificates”)

Here’s what A Traveler’s Library has featured from Interlink  in the past four years, and how you can find them on the Interlink site.

Under World Travel: Walking Guides  Most recently, I reviewed one of the most complete guides I have ever readWalking Palestine: 25 Journeys into the West Bank by Stefan Szepesi

Under World Travel: Cities of the Imagination (cultural, history and art guides) Instanbul: A Cultural History by Peter Clark, one of twenty-three such books from the publisher

When I wrote about Charles Dickens, I mentioned their books on Dickens. Dickens On France: Fiction, Journalism and Travel, by John Edmonson and   Walking Dickensian London by Richard Jones

They have many series, and the first I used (before starting A Traveler’s Library was  Interlink’s Traveller’s History  series. I went on to review this one on Italy, this on Croatia, this on Egypt, and this on Portugal.Each one capsulizes the entire history of a country. So I looked forward to taking a look at the On-the-Road-Histories, a series that will eventually cover all 50 states. I reviewed one of their recent ones, California: On the Road Histories.

From The World: Art for Travellers

I found this book extremely helpful when I traveled in ItalyArt for Travellers Italy, The Essential Guide to Viewing Italian Renaissance Art by Ann Morrow and John Power, with Illustrations by Matt Morrow and Erin Round, and I also used their Art for Travellers in France book.

From World Literature When I was looking for books to review about the mideast, Michel Moushabeck, the head honcho at Interlink personally recommended The Calligrapher’s Secret (2008,  1st American ed. 2011) by Rafik Schami I have read other world literature from Interlink, and they always choose well.

For all that, I have only scratched the surface of their categories. Please do go give their on-line catalogue a look. You can build your own travel library, or you can find gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list.  Remember, only $10 gets you a chance at $300 worth of books. (And nothing prevents you from bidding as many ten-dollar-bills as you want.

Check out the details at Passports With Purpose and help us reach our goal of $100,000 to build wells in Haiti that will serve dozens of families. ACT NOW! Ends December 11.

And, THANK YOU, my friends at Interlink, for your generous suggestions over the years, and your generous contribution to help bring water to needy families.

Vera Marie Badertscher

Travel and lifestyle writer, wife, mother and grandmother. Publisher of A Traveler’s Library and Ancestors in Aprons>. Also co-authored a biography of Navajo artist Quincy Tahoma.

Vera Marie Badertscher – who has written posts on A Traveler's Library.

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  1. Vera, thanks for telling us about Interlink’s site. Cadogan Guides have long been my favorites and now I can find all of them in one place. I’d been looking for a book about the various islands in the Mediterranean and a determined search of Amazon turned up only one book (which I already have). I found one on Interlink’s site that covers all the islands in the Med! I look forward to reading their newsletter.


  2. I enjoy reading Interlink’s newslwtter, and am on the lookout for your reviews of their books. It’s a great prize, and well suited to ATL readers. Interlink do have books on music as well, and I’ve been wondering lately if there could be room for one or two more…ones I’d write!

    In any case, thanks to you and Interlink for your generous support of Passports with Purpose and’s work to provide clean water for the people of Haiti.

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