The World in Your Kid’s Computer

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Destination: The World

Tool: The International Children’s Digital Library

By Jennifer Close

Roadside Kansas
Even the flatlands of Kansas provide a lesson for the kids. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Close

It is important for me to introduce my children to new places, ways of thinking, cultures and people. It helps broaden their horizons and make them aware of the world around them. I introduce them to things that are different from what we are used to through travel and experiences. Even our recent move from Pensacola, Florida to Denver, Colorado was an eye opening experience from the flat lands of Kansas to the cold weather gear people wear in Denver to other little things we saw along the way.

Sometimes, it just isn’t feasible to pack up the kids and travel to a foreign country or drive across the United States. When that is the case, we use books and artwork to help transport us to another city, country, or world.

The International Children’s Digital Library is a wonderful resource to use when you can’t get to the library or don’t want to spend money on another book that will be read in ten minutes. The International Children’s Digital Library built a digital library of children’s books to support the world’s children in becoming global citizens. It provides children with access to knowledge of their family’s heritage and books written in their first language. Books range from picture books to chapter books. There are folktales, short stories, animal stories and more. You can search by language, country, or type of story. Stories can be read on line. The service is free but you can register if you would like for added benefits.

Right now, travel bloggers around the world are helping to raise money to build wells in Haiti through Passports with Purpose. By collecting donations in ten dollar increments, Passports with Purpose hopes to raise $100,000. When you make a donation, you get a chance to win some amazing prizes. Here are a few prizes that I think would be a great way to introduce my children to a new experience:

Learn more about the history of the United States if you win a One-Night Stay at Hotel George in Washington DC.

Visit a plantation, take a ghost tour, or wander through the French Quarter if you win 2 Nights in New Orleans at the Hotel Monteleone.

See first-hand what it takes to run a Montana Dude Ranch if you win a week at Lone Mountain Ranch.

See other great Passports with Purpose prizes available for your $10 contribution.

What experience will you choose?

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  1. that is a great resource, thanks, Jennifer, for pointing it out.

    I’m sorry to see they do not have any books in Irish or Scottish Gaelic — but happy to say that this fine bookstore near Harvard Square does, textbooks and children’s books in both of those and many other languages…and they ship.

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