Maya End of Calendar Date

About that Mayan Calendar
Ah, so that explains it. I picked this up from the Facebook page of Mexican Word of the Day.

Today is the date most scholars assign as the Mayan end of their 5000-year calendar.

Feel anything?


Well, then.  On to important business.

Today is also the end of the contest to give away this beautiful book, Royal Cities of the Ancient Maya. You can still get your comments in [explain why you are the one who deserves to have this book] on my original post about the Mayan Calendar, which tells you much more about the book, or here at the bottom of this post (click only if you’re reading this in your e-mail or reader), and I’ll include your name and make a short announcement tomorrow. See the details of the contest here.

However, after Saturday I disappear until after New Year’s.  Next time I will check in is January 4–the 4th birthday of A Traveler’s Library, and you’ll be subjected to more than a week of “Best” lists as all the contributors to A Traveler’s Library chime in. This is too much goodness to miss, so if you don’t get A Traveler’s Library in your e-mail box,
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Have a Happy Holiday. And a raucous New Year’s celebration as we start the NEW Mayan calendar cycle. (That would be today if you are Maya, otherwise you’ll have to wait until December 31).

You survived the end of the Maya calendar, now let’s see if your luck holds and you can win a beautiful book.

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  1. Tongue in cheek, one of my friends promised to call on Thursday night just in case…. I smiled when I woke up on Friday morning. No, I didn’t expect the world to disappear but I do expect that there will be a shift in consciousness.

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