Winners Announced

Two short announcements today. This is the first.

Royal Cities of the Ancient Maya Photography Book Giveaway

Lamanai Maya ruins, Belize

Lamanai Maya ruins, Belize

I must say I was amazed that there were not more people lining up to win this incredible photo book, worth $50.  But the winner is:

Edie Jarolim. You can see Edie’s musing about Freud’s Butcher at her website, where she delves into family history, life in Vienna, Sigmund Freud, sausages and pastries as she researches her next book.

Edie won for THREE good reasons.

1. She gave the very most persuasive answer to the question,” Why should you win this book?”. Here’s what she said:

 You probably didn’t know this about me — I contain multitudes! — but I a bit obsessed with Mayan archeology. I have visited some of the most obscure Mayan sites in Mexico, including several in the state of Campeche, and I have even visited Chichen Itza during the summer solstice, when you can see a serpent at the edges of the main pyramid.

AND I couldn’t get to Tikkal when I was in Guatemala because it was the rainy.

And did I mention Michael Coe is my hero? (Ok, I’m making that part up, but I do recognize his name as one of the foremost scholars in the field).

I’ll stop now before I start embellishing any more.

2. Her name was selected when I ran the entries through (fate must have liked her reply, too).

3. She took the time on Facebook to explain the difference between Maya and Mayan, forcing me to revise my original post to be more grammatical correct. (That has absolutely nothing to do with the contest, but I just thought I should give her credit.)  You see, the PEOPLE in question are Maya or Mayas–never Mayan (unlike Guatamalan, Mexican, or American).

So CONGRATULATIONS to Edie Jarolim who can spend a few days’ holiday from Vienna as she revisits the territory of the Maya.

Vera Marie Badertscher

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  1. Oh my dog! I am sooooo excited! Although the Mayan apocalypse didn’t occur, clearly the universe was doing something if chose me too. This also goes to show that geekery wins out too!

    Also exciting: We now have an excuse to get together so I can collect my prize!

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