WIN Harry Potter Poster Books

Destination: Great Britain

Books: TWO Harry Potter Poster Collections: The Quintessential Images and The Definitive Movie Posters


Calling all Harry Potter fans!! I recommended these poster collection books in my post on Gifts for Travelers Who Read. Just in case you didn’t get them or give them for a gift during the holidays–here’s your second chance.

You can WIN one of these collections–44 DETACHABLE posters bound into each book– each valued at $24.99.

You may be planning to travel to real Harry Potter sites, like Dr. Jessie Voigts did, or walk through the manufactured sets like Melanie Votaw did over at Reel Life With Jane.

Or if you are not traveling, but  have read the books or have seen the movies–you are going to love these great big beautiful pictures from the films. They sweep you right back into the magical moments that made you love the series.

The Rules:

  • Entrants must be  21 or over and have a mailing address in the United States.
  • Leave a comment down below, telling me which book you prefer and whether it is for you or someone else. (So if you are reading in e-mail, you’ll need to click over to A Traveler’s Library).
  • If you want a second chance to win, sign up for our articles with a click. I’m excited about having a new e-mail distributor–Mail Chimp–and would love to have the opportunity to keep you up to date in this convenient fashion on all the travel and books at A Traveler’s Library.
  • You can also get a 2nd chance if you already have an e-mail or RSS subscription. But you MUST mention in the comments that you are a loyal reader with a subscription.
  • Contest closes at midnight Arizona time (MST) on Friday, February 8.

See the contest fine print here.

Note: These poster books were provided to A Traveler’s Library by Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc. and the illustration of the covers is used courtesy of that company.

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9 thoughts on “WIN Harry Potter Poster Books

  1. I have a nephew who, this year, will become old enough to get his letter by owl and is a huge fan of the books. Either book would thrill him to bits. I’ve also just subscribed to you!

  2. My daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan. She grew up with them, and even took a Harry Potter english class her first semester of college!

  3. My son is a huge fan of the books and has great dreams of traveling to the Harry Potter sites some day. He would love either of the books – thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I think either book sounds really cool. I was rearranging our library the other day and it was fun to flip through the Harry Potter books again. My oldest grew up with Harry Potter, such a great series.

  5. Nice giveaway! My son, who is trying to find things to hang on the walls of his apartment, would love either one of these books. (Not sure if the posters are meant to be taken OUT of the books or not?)

    1. Thanks for the question. I went back and added the word DETACHABLE to try to clarify. Yes, you could just look at them, or hang them on the walls.

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