Questions About Renting When You Travel?

A guest post I wrote about our travel experiences is up at Boomer Women Traveler’s today. Take a look at Boomer Women Travelers.

Siphnos Greece rental house

Cat that came with the rental house in Siphnos Greece

I have had good luck renting through VRBO and Home Away.Check out their Top 10 Unique Vacation Rentals.

Vera Marie Badertscher

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Vera Marie Badertscher – who has written posts on A Traveler's Library.

One thought on “Questions About Renting When You Travel?

  1. My wife and i traveled last summer, we rented a house down in Texas. Wish we took some of this advice.

    “Look at the pictures on the rental site. I don’t like to rent a place when I don’t see lots of pictures. Ask yourself, what are they NOT showing pictures of?”

    Makes so much sense, which i had a bit more common sense, as soon as we arrived at are rental house in texas we realized someone was very good at photoshop.

    Thanks for the article!

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