President Andrew Jackson’s Home:The Hermitage in Nashville

If any president of the United States were actually born in a log cabin, it should have been Andrew Jackson. And that was the story. Alas,  the story is untrue.  You will learn about that, and how many slaves he owned, that he had a pretty fancy house on 1120 acres. You’ll learn more fascinating stuff about Andrew Jackson when you visit The Hermitage, the Jackson home near Nashville, Tennessee. Yes, there was a log cabin. Yes he did once live in it. The family had to retreat to a log cabin while they waited for their house to be rebuilt after it burned in 1837.

A lovely reason to visit Nashville and a charming home, filled with stuff that actually belonged to the Jackson’s.  90% original furniture and geegaws, plus restorations to make it look the part.  Charming costumed reenactors help set the scene.

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15 thoughts on “President Andrew Jackson’s Home:The Hermitage in Nashville

  1. This looks like an interesting place to visit. I like how reenactors really make a museum come alive. I am impressed that they have so much of the Hermitage’s original belongings, but I guess people figured out early on that this house would be significant.

  2. I always like visiting these historical residences. We have quite a few in Nova Scotia. Maybe I’ll tour a few when I’m home this summer. Refresh my memory, and add to the blog. It’s great to know the truth behind the log cabin 🙂

  3. Thanks for setting me straight us the log cabin. I have an interest in presidential history and love to visit places like this. Have not been to the Hermitage, but it’s on the list. Nice to see your photos to get a better feel for it.

    1. Cathy. Glad you enjoyed the photo-introduction to the Hermitage. I always ask how much of the interior is original and was very impressed when they said 90%! It really looks like it would with the family there. And he apparently wasn’t quite as uncouth as we’ve been led to believe.

  4. Hi Vera, Interesting piece about Andrew J.Tthe Hermitage looks and sound so interesting. I would love to check it out next time I’m on a business trip in Nashville.

  5. I like the look of the back entrance to the Hermitage. I have not heard of the word geegaws before, but I guess it is the equivalent of knick-knacks!

  6. Looks like a stop there would be very interesting. Andrew Jackson strikes me as a President with a lot of personality.

  7. Interesting! Andrew Jackson keeps popping up these days. We heard lots about him when we were in New Orleans, too. Maybe I’m meant to go see his childhood home, then. Never been in Tennessee either. Hm…

    1. Sophiek check out Barbara Weibel’s Hole in the Donut for some pictures and info about my FAVORITE Tennessee city, Chattanooga. But Nashville is great and of course I loved the Smokey Mtns in eastern Tennessee. Yep, think you should go there. And by the way, your daughter should know there are some mansions of horse breeders around Nashville worth a visit, too.

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