Need to Hear Your Newsletter Feedback

Previously, I wrote about Lewis and Clark, and then I followed their trail for a ways through Oregon.

Multnomah Falls sign

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Multnomah Falls, Oregon,Upper and Lower Falls


While I’m recovering from my road trip in Oregon (#OregonHo!) I would like to encourage you to give me some feedback on the A Traveler’s Library Newsletter.

I have been sending out a newsletter to those who sign up each time that I post a new article. The articles arrived in the subscribers mailbox complete–just as they are on the Web.

However, some people don’t want to get every article, and they don’t want e-mails every single time I post (usually three times a week), so I am experimenting with sending a newsletter once a week (on Tuesday) that includes excerpts and links to articles.

I really don’t know which form of newsletter you like best, so PLEASE chime in and tell me your druthers.

Leave a note below on the web site (If you’re reading this in your mailbox it helps if you click over to the website), telling me:

1. I’m already a happy subscriber and don’t care how often it comes.

2. I have no interest in either form of subscription.

3.  I would prefer if the newsletter came every time A Traveler’s Library publishes, with a full article.

4. I would prefer if it came every time with a link to the article.

5. I would prefer a different day than Tuesday.

If you have never subscribed to A Traveler’s Library by e-mail, and want to know what it looks like click on the link below. If you want to subscribe, you can do so here.

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3 thoughts on “Need to Hear Your Newsletter Feedback

  1. I vote for #1 (aka I hate change).

    Seriously, I like seeing posts as they appear and if they catch my fancy — or if I have time — I will read them. If there are three at a time, I think I’m less likely to click through.

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