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At A Traveler’s Library, we want to assist travelers who are looking for books or movies to inspire or inform travel.

We are no longer accepting books for review.



Novels, memoirs, biographies, children’s books, even cookbooks have been discussed at A Traveler’s Library. All the books chosen entice a person to travel to a specific place. I have reviewed books digital as well as print and audio books.

A Traveler’s Library covers the world. I particularly welcomed books about areas that are not frequently written about, and translations of books by writers outside the English-speaking world. I also like to balance books that appeal to males as well as females.

I always reserved the right not to write about a book, CD, or DVD if I did not think it will benefit the readers. I always fully disclose when publishers have provided review copies. My opinions will be my own and will be honest–meaning not always favorable.

I also conducted some author interviews, and less frequently published guest articles by authors.

I believe in transparency and honesty to the reader, and always reveal sponsorships.

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