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Brette writes often about travel, food, and home arts and is the author of more than 40 books about food, law, health, family issues, business, finance and textbooks. She blogs at Putting It All on the Table and her personal web site is Brette Sember.

Founding Fathers Food Failure:Thomas Jefferson Crème Brulée

Food Travel

by Brette Sember

Book Cover: Thomas Jefferson's Creme Brulee
Destination: Colonial America

Book: Thomas Jefferson’s Crème Brulée: How a Founding Father and His Slave James Hemings Introduced French Cuisine to America (2012) by Thomas J. Craughwell

I was really excited to read Thomas Jefferson’s Crème Brulée by Thomas J. Craughwell for many reasons. Continue reading

Feasting in Florida–The Cook Book of Locally Grown


Destination: Florida

Book: Field to Feast by Pam Brandon, Katie Farmand, and Heather McPherson

By Brette Sember

For many people, Florida means just two things: beaches and DisneyWorld. There is much more to this big, beautiful state. My grandparents moved to Florida for the winters when I was young and we’ve been going once a year ever since. I have made a point to travel to various areas of the state, from the Keys to St. Augustine, and there is so much to see and experience. Continue reading

A Foodie Journey Through Philadelphia

Tasty Travel

Book Cover: Philadelphia Chef's Table
Destination: Philadelphia, PA

Food Book: Philadelphia Chef’s Table : Extraordinary Recipes from the City of Brotherly Love (2012) by April White

By Brette Sember

Philadelphia conjures notions of freedom and American spirit. I visited Philadelphia once years ago and have a few memories of the city that are rather different. The hotel fire alarm malfunctioned in the middle of the night, which did not create a restful trip. The Liberty Bell was extremely underwhelming (MUCH smaller than you might expect) and the famous “Rocky” stairs (at the Philadelphia Museum of Art) were indeed daunting. The cheesesteak was pretty good. The best memory I have is of a meal we had at the restaurant school. So, Philadelphia and food are wedded in my mind. Continue reading