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Travel in the Footsteps of Canterbury Tales Pilgrims and Chaucer

Book Cover: Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

Old English Edition

Destination: England

Book: The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

My friend over at Pack a Book has posted an article and a YouTube video of a rainy-days tour that followed in the footsteps of the pilgrims of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales  from the site of London’s Tabard Inn to Canterbury Cathedral.

Would you like to retrace their route and see what remains from their day, or what has replaced the old landmarks? This article will give you lots of ideas.

Starting at a tavern that looks much like the Tabard Inn (and right next to its site) where the Canterbury Tales pilgrims started out, the journey is captured on Pack a Book‘s video. If you want more details about the pilgrimage, see the Guardian article which she links. Participants dressed as characters and each related the “tale” told by their character at some point on the journey.

Pack a Book does not forget her main mission in life, providing books that enlighten travlers, and she includes in her article suggestions for editions of Canterbury Tales.  Take a look at the article to see the video.

Would you like to take this trip?? Have you done other pilgrimages?

For more wonderful walks in London and elsewhere around Europe, check out the “walks in London”  link to Easy Hiker.


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A New Dr. Siri Laos Mystery Novel

Laos Mystery: The Woman Who Wouldn't Die

Destination: Laos

Book: The Woman Who Wouldn’t Die, a Dr. Siri Mystery Novel Set in Laos by Colin Cotterill

It is not often that I get to feature a book set in Laos. Thailand–yes, Cambodia–many, but Laos–well, actually never. Until now. A new Laos mystery novel caught my eye. I jumped at the chance to give you a taste of Laos through the latest in the popular Dr. Siri Laos mystery novel series by Colin Cotterill. Since Colin Cotterill lives in Thailand and he’s British, with dual citizenship that includes Australia there is deep irony in the fact he writes these books. The Woman Who Wouldn’t Die is salted with sarcastic references to the way that foreigners do not understand Laotians and digs at everything that has to do with Thailand. At one point Dr. Siri describes a woman’s voice by saying,

She was loud, too, and spoke Lao with the same linguistic prowess as Yul Brynner speaking Thai. Continue reading

Travel to NYC for Travel Photo Thursday

Over at Ancestors in Aprons, I’m trying to track down houses in New York where my Great Uncle lived during the Gilded Age. That got me thinking about my own trips to NYC, and I thought I’d devote Travel Photo Thursday to a few shots of New York. Some of these are repeats that I have used in other articles, but I can’t help it. I like them. So there.


Liberty from Ellis Island Museum

Liberty from Ellis Island Museum, New York City

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