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Questions and Winners

World Map showing location of famous storiesQUESTIONS

I would really appreciate your answers to a few questions, to help me plan for the next few months.

Where should we go?

I have gone through spells of concentrating for a week on one country. Did it with Greece. Did it with Italy.  I did a series of France on Friday, and that title still pops up once in a while. Most recently, because of current events, I’ve been talking about books that take you to the Middle East and Arab countries.

I sense that you may be getting tired of that area–although I still maintain that it is important. Am I sensing right? Do you want to move on?  Where do you want to go next?

If you have a particular country you want to learn about, check the Destinations tab and see what we already have. [A reader has pointed out that is not a good way to check, because it just delivers a long list of posts--if you are looking for a specific place, type in the name of the country, city, region in the search box, OR go to the Search by Category list if you just want to check a list of everything we've covered--most posts are categorized by post.] Want more? Let me know? Something missing entirely? Let me know that, too. You can choose more than one.


Final Week to Add to Map

Final Week: Put Your Place on the Map

You have  just THREE MORE DAYS to suggest a movie or book that you would recommend to someone who wants to learn about the place you live.

Four places outside the U.S. have been added: Nova Scotia India, London England and New Zealand. Want to see how many U. S. states have been added? Here’s a map, with added states in blue.

final week map

This makes a crazy road map! Because several states have been mentioned numerous times, there are still a lot of empty spaces. True I can hopscotch across the west, but how can I get to South Dakota and Iowa? Or from Tenessee to Ohio?

Don’t be left out. Add your place to the road trip by answering the VERY SHORT survey and give us a book or movie that represents YOUR place.

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