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Too SCARED To Read These for Halloween?

If you are not ready for Halloween, yet, it is certainly not the fault of A Traveler’s Library.  We’ve conspired to give you all the ghoulish and ghostly ideas you could possibly use. We’ve done everything but make your costume for you, and you might get some ideas from the photos. Continue reading Too SCARED To Read These for Halloween?

25 Books-For-Free Giveaway

Choosing a Book
Choosing a book

Perhaps you have been wondering where all those books are that I’ve been reviewing since our last Giveaway? Travel Memoir, travel guides, travel literature, fiction with a sense of place, travel non-fiction, travel adventure–in short, all those things we call travel books.

The usual.  They’re stacked in a box that is threatening to trip Ken when he comes in the office.

This will be the largest number of books given away yet.  I think there are 25 books (but since that’s more than fingers and toes, I may be off a couple). I’m offering some packages. And the best news is YOU GET TO CHOOSE which book you want if your name is drawn.

Rules are here, and you will have a better chance of winning, if you check the rules. For this contest only ONE book or book package per winner. Once you’ve won, you’ve won. That’s it.

In addition to comments, don’t forget that Tweets (with @pen4hire in them) and Google+ comments count, as do new e-mail subscriptions to A Traveler’s Library. (Be sure to check the rules if you are a current subscriber, as you can enter too. Just tell me in a comment that you want to be entered automatically in EVERY drawing.) You may comment on several posts in one day–but only one comment PER post will count toward the contest.

I will notify winner and give him or her a chance to choose. Then I will move to the next round and notify that winner. It is a bit complicated, so it will take a bit of time, but you can help by replying quickly when notified.

Note: I would link all these books back to my reviews, but then Google would think I’d created a link farm and that’s a very bad thing. So if you want to refresh your memory, use the search box over in the right hand column.



  • The Last Time I Saw Paris
  • Contact Creede (Historical Colorado)
  • The Floor of Heaven (Historical Alaska)
  • Our Daily Bread (Nova Scotia) [not reviewed–a dark novel of a hill family that could be Appalachia as well as Nova Scotia]
  • The School of Night (England-historical mystery) [not reviewed]
  • The Tapestry Shop (Robin Hoods’ England) [Not reviewed]
  • Shadow of the Sword (the Crusades)
  • The Bird Sisters (Wisconsin)
  • Chronicle in Stone (Albania)
  • The Civilized World (Africa)
  • A Trick of the Light (Montreal–Audio Book)


  • One Day I Will Write About This Place (Africa)
  • Paris Was Ours (essays)
  • Turn Right at Machu Picchu (Peru)
  • Gib’s Odyssey (The Intracoastal Waterway, Eastern U.S.)
  • How to Cook a Crocodile (Gabon, Africa–includes recipes, but nor for croc)
  • The Caliph’s House (Casablanca Morocco)
  • Culture Smart: China [reveiwed at Indie Travel Podcast]
  • The Sinner’s Grand Tour (review copy–humor) [ not reviewed]
  • On the Road to Babadag (Balkans)
  • Bread of Angels (Syria)
  • Egypt package: [#2 and #3 reviewed at Indie Travel Podcast]
    1. A Traveller’s History of Egypt
    2. Egypt: Cadogan Guide
    3. Cairo: Cadogan Guide
  • Cemetery Package:
    1. Ghosts in the Cemetery: Volumes I and II (Photo Essay book)

So if you have the great good fortune to be the next person to be drawn–which book will you choose?