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Sailing the Seas in First Class


Destination: Cruises

Book: First Class: Legendary Ocean Liner Voyages Around the World (2009) by Gerard Piouffre


Sailing the Seas in First Class

If you think today’s mega-ships represent the zenith in cruising accomplishments, don’t be so sure. A look back in time will introduce you to ocean liners, exotic routes and luxury that rivals anything on today’s seas. Continue reading

Traveler’s Library Short Passage

  • Deep gratitude to Monica Bhide for her guest posts, which brought scads of new readers to A Traveler’s Library.
  • I have rearranged stuff, added buttons and made it easier for you to subscribe to A Traveler’s Library, and I hope you will take advantage of that big orange button to the right.
  • I woke up Thursday morning to discover that I had been handed the Sisterhood Award (shown in the right hand column) by one of the loyal readers and frequent commenters here–Pamposh Dhar.  She brings readers peaceful, healthful thoughts, personal observations and my favorite, her travel experiences. Thanks for being a friend, Pamposh.
  • I hereby hand the Sisterhood Award off to world traveler Donna L. Hull, whose My Itchy Travel Feet particularly appeals to members of the boomer generation. Don’t miss the gorgeous photos she posts along with her interesting travel stories. She finds bargains for our home town at Tucson on the Cheap as well. Donna has been my blogging mentor and patiently answered endless stupid questions.
  • And another Sisterhood Award goes to Jenn Maciejewski, whose sharing spirit deserves recognition.  Jenn is the wizard behind Cities on the Cheap.  She started her blog in Atlanta and when other writers inquired, she  started a national movement which launched just this week. The network of blogs help residents and visitors to 40 cities across North America (and one in New Zealand) find bargains, free stuff and cheap deals.
  • Congratulations to Donna and Jenn, who now get to hand the award on to a sister blogger.