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Peace on Earth

Travel Photo Thursday

Sleigh BellsHappy Holidays from All Around the World



Each year as I travel, I try to take a few photos that might make iconic Christmas card covers. Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes not so. Here are a few from the past travel years that have appeared on my Christmas cards. You can click on a photo to enlarge it. Continue reading

The Year of the Hare in The Year of the Rabbit

Book Cover

Destination: Finland

Book: The Year of the Hare by Arto Paasilinna (NEW in 2010)

Did you ever just want to chuck it all and wander in the woods?  Leave the business world behind to travel like Barbara Weibel who shares her experience at Hole in the Donut?

If you are too timid to actually cut all the ties to your “civilized” life, but still have a yearning to get away from clocks and calendars, ¬†Arto Paasilinna’s The Year of the Hare: A Novel provides the perfect escape literature. A journalist riding across Finland with a photographer, feels the car hit a hare (not a bunny rabbit–hares are larger, related to jack rabbits ). Vatanen, the journalist, gets out to check on the hare, who has retreated into the woods with his broken leg, and the two of them just keep going. Continue reading