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President’s Day

Next Monday on President’s Day, we combine the celebrations for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and throw in the rest of the Presidents as well.  Let’s see what reading and travel opportunities President’s Day holds for readers, music lovers, cooks and travelers.

George Washington

George Washington

Presidents in National Parks

Last year I shared a list of six interesting connections between U. S. Presidents and National Parks.  The company that provides lodging at many of those parks, Xanterra, came out with a new list this year, if you’d like expanded choices.

President Lincoln and Civil War Days

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Bloodwork: Author Interview

Book CoverDestination: 17th Century Paris and London

Book: Blood Work: A Tale of Medicine and Murder in the Scientific Revolution (NEW 3/2011), by Holly Tucker

Although I love to read about history, I do not think of myself as a fan of scientific history–and to say that a book is about blood transfusions is enough to make me go hide in a closet. Yuck! Blood! Needles! Continue reading

Visit Philadelphia on the 4th of July

United States Flag

United States Flag

Destination: Philadelphia


Miracle in Philadelphia by Catherine Drinker Bowen

Happy Independence Day!

Ever since I traveled to Philadelphia a few years ago, my thoughts wander to the birthplace of the United States on July 4th. Even cynics may have a hard time remaining uninvolved with the Fourth of July celebrations after reading this book. We already covered 1776. This book takes us to 1787 and the Constitutuion that finished the job started by the Revolutionary War. Continue reading