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Dog Trots Globe (and Pens Memoir)

Pet Travel Thursday

Destination: France

Book: Dog Trots Globe – To Paris & Provence (A Sheltie Goes to France)Book cover Dog Trots Globe by Sheron and Bob Long

Chula the Shetland Sheepdog poses with colorful baskets

Would these colorful baskets look half as beautiful without a Sheltie to reflect their bright colors in her lush coat?

By Pamela Webster

Dog Trots Globe – To Paris & Provence does what every travel book aspires to: it convinces a reader who has never visited a place to want to go and evokes memories in those who have already been there. Toss in over 150 colorful photographs and a beautiful Shetland Sheepdog and you have an enchanting travel book. Continue reading

The New Irish Table

Tasty Travels

Destination: Ireland

Book Cover: The New Irish Table
Book: The New Irish Table by Margaret Johnson

Review By Brette Sember

Creagh Gardens, near Skibbereen, County Cork

Creagh Gardens, near Skibbereen, County Cork

St. Patrick’s Day makes me long for the rolling green hills of Ireland. Continue reading