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New book: Chick-Hist-Lit

Cairo mosque

Destination: Cairo, Alexandria, Istanbul in WWII

Book: Jasmine Nights (NEW in U.S. June 2012) by Julia Gregson

Julia Gregson specializes in chick-hist-lit.  I invented that to mean  historical novels featuring adventurous and strong-willed female characters in romantic situations in exotic locations. And she bases their adventures on true stories.  In 2009, I reviewed her best seller, East of the Sun and so I was happy to take a look at her new Jasmine Nights .   (Her website www.juliagregson.net was not loading properly when I drafted this. Perhaps you’ll have better luck.) Continue reading

East of the Sun:New Book Set in India

East of the Sun book cover

East of the Sun book cover

Destination: India

Book: East of the Sun by Julia Gregson

Looking for a good beach read?  The kind of book that takes you to another world? East of the Sun by Julia Gregson makes for a great read for travel to the beach or mountains. I could not put it down.  Read it in the car on the way to the mountains. Read it in a cabin by a blazing fireplace. And each time I opened the book, I traveled to India in the 1930′s–the beginning of the end of the British Empire. Continue reading