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Mount Rushmore: Flat Stanley Takes on the World


By Jennifer Close

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Destination: Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Book: Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures, The Mount Rushmore Calamity (2009) by Jeff Brown and Macky Pamintuan

If you have young children in your life, you might have received a letter from them with a flat piece of paper that resembled a gingerbread man. Along with this flattened gingerbread man, you probably got a letter asking for a postcard or pictures of your location. When we went to Mt. Rushmore, this guy helped with our trip. Continue reading

Alfred Hitchcock: Master of Suspense and Place

Wednesday Matinee

Destination: United States, London and Marrakesh

Movies: Three Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

By Jane Boursaw

My teenage son spent his spring break watching Alfred Hitchcock movies with his buddy, and I couldn’t be more proud. As a mom and a movie critic, my world is now complete. Continue reading