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Indiana to India with Songwriter Carrie Newcomer

Musical Travel

By Kerry Dexter

Carrie Newcomer's album: Everything is Everywhere
Destination: India

Music: Everything is Everywhere by Carrie Newcomer.



Carrie Newcomer

Carrie Newcomer. Photo by Jim McGuire

Songwriter Carrie Newcomer was working on what would become her twelfth album, a gathering of songs on differing aspects of change called Before & After, when change came calling at her door. Newcomer has traveled widely with her music and was booking tour dates in support of the new album, but — India? That wasn’t in her plan. Continue reading

Black History Month and Valentine’s Day Thoughts


By Kerry Dexter

Destination: Life

Album Cover
Album: Resurrection Day, Appleseed Recordings. By Kim and Reggie Harris

Kim and Reggie Harris have been married for more than three decades, so they know a thing or two about love and sustaining a committed relationship.

From their home base in New York state, Kim and Reggie Harris have taken their words and thoughts and commitment to social justice across the country and across the world, from the Smithsonian in Washington D. C. to the Psalm Festival in Austria. When they traveled to Toronto, Canada to work with their longtime friend Keith Whiteley on producing their album Resurrection Day, their thoughts were on what centers those travels for them. Recent journeys through change, hardship, faith, and love resonate through their work as much as does the couple’s commitment to telling stories of life and history through the perspective of their African-American heritage. Continue reading

Music That Travels Between Ireland and Appalachia

Music Travel Monday

by Kerry Dexter

Destination: Ireland and Appalachia

Music: Through Wind and Rain by Cathie Ryan

As she was working on her album Through Wind & Rain Cathie Ryan turned to library research to spark ideas for a song. “I wanted to look at Appalachian songs, songs that came through Ireland, or songs that came from Appalachia to Ireland. I wanted that whole Appalachian Celtic connection,” Ryan says. Continue reading