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The Leopard

CONTEST OVER! Your prize today is movie/travel related.  Enter before 3:00 a.m.MST Thursday morning. See how to win below. And remember every comment and new subscription counts toward the two grand prizes, even if you’ve won a daily prize.

Sicily - Palermo

The Governor's Palace, Palermo, Sicily

Movie: The Leopard (1963), Starring Bert Lancaster, Claudia Cardinale and Alain Delon

John Keahey,the author of Seeking Sicily, calls the book, [amazon_link id="1846553911" target="_blank" ] The Leopard[/amazon_link], (not to be confused with Jo Nesbo’s latest mystery by the same name) a blockbuster and essential reading to understand Sicily. Although I’d like to read the book (1956) some day, I cheated and watched the movie, made in 1963. Continue reading

America’s First Road Trip

Announcement: We have our First Winner: Edie Jarolim, who blogs about dogs, has chosen Dogtown. (Boy is SHE going to be surprised!) Odds of winning a fabulous book in the third drawing are really good today, as few left comments over the weekend and NOBODY tweeted. See the list of books you can choose and the contest rules. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Winton Automobile

The Winton Automobile, Smithsonian

Destination: San Francisco to New York

Film: Horatio’s Drive, America’s First Road Trip, a Ken Burns PBS Special (2003)

In 1903 the world changed. The Wright Brothers took their first flight, the President of the United States sent a message to the King of England over wireless, a cable was strung across the Pacific Ocean for communication, and Horatio Nelson Jackson and his mechanic, drove  from coast to coast across America. Continue reading