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President Andrew Jackson’s Home:The Hermitage in Nashville

If any president of the United States were actually born in a log cabin, it should have been Andrew Jackson. And that was the story. Alas,  the story is untrue.  You will learn about that, and how many slaves he owned, that he had a pretty fancy house on 1120 acres. You’ll learn more fascinating stuff about Andrew Jackson when you visit The Hermitage, the Jackson home near Nashville, Tennessee. Yes, there was a log cabin. Yes he did once live in it. The family had to retreat to a log cabin while they waited for their house to be rebuilt after it burned in 1837. Continue reading

Short Passages: Look Where I’ve Been

As you know, I sometimes wander away from A Traveler’s Library, and appear on somebody else’s website. I have three I want to tell you about today, and hope you’ll enjoy my wanderings.

Old Smoky Moonshine Holler

In Tennessee, I discovered that Moonshine has come out of the woods. At Perceptive Travel, I relate surprising things I learned about the traditions of Moonshine whiskey when I visited Gatlinsburg, Tennessee. You’ll see a whole bunch of my Tennessee pictures there, too.

I am still amazed to learn how popular this stuff is. Moonshine is so trendy that Discovery Channel has just completed Season Two of a show called Moonshiners!! So do come over to Perceptive Travel and see what I learned in Tennessee.

Semana Santa, Spain

Young marchers in a Semana Santa procession

The site Travel Freak.net (not to be confused with .com, which is a whole different place) invited me to share my experiences in Spain during Semana Santa. I was not only in the best city for Holy Week, I was at the best processional, on the most important night, watching the most beloved figure of a the Virgin during that week of 60 or so processions in Seville.  When people ask about my most memorable experience, this one definitely is on the list. Learn how you can have this amazing experience. (By the way, we had a camera mishap while in Spain, so what you’ll see at Travel Freak.net, are gorgeous photos used with the permission of other photographers. The one here is mine, from another town in Spain.)

Finally, I shared ten tips on visiting my home town of Tucson here last week, but it is now also available at Knok.com, the homeswapping site. Although you may have already read my ten tips, if you’re thinking of looking into home swapping, you’ll have to go to Knok to see what’s available in Tucson.

THIS JUST IN: So proud to say A Traveler’s Library has been featured and recommended at Janet Given’s site. Take a look.



Nature Is Ready For Her Close Up

Travel Photo Thursday

I have to remind myself that the great sweeping panormas that I see as I travel may not translate into a good photograph. Tiny details, however, may capture a place very well. Continue reading