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Colonial July 4th Week: A Whodunit in Williamsburg

Family Travel Friday

Governor's Palace at Williamsburg VA

Governor’s Palace at Williamsburg VA

Destination: Williamsburg, Virginia

Book: The Colonial Caper Mystery at Williamsburg (2009) by Carole Marsh

(Note: this illustrates the teacher’s guide, because the book is temporarily out of stock at Amazon. If you’re in a hurry, it is available through other booksellers.)

Article by Jennifer Close

What would it be like if you could get transported into a different time in history? What if while you were there you found out that a valuable map went missing and that map just happens to be a gift for a queen? Would you try to solve the mystery? Continue reading

Walking in Paris

Destination: Paris

Book: The Most Beautiful Walk in the World: A Pedestrian in Paris (NEW June 2011) by John Baxter

Strolling in Paris, Eiffel Tower

Strolling in Paris, Eiffel Tower

In  The Most Beautiful Walk in the World , John Baxter tells stories that add depth to a stroll through Paris.  The Australian writer lives in the city of literature and art with his French wife and their young daughter. Continue reading

Author Interview: Her Life is a Trip


Destination: The World

Book: Life is a Trip:The Magic of Transformative Travel (NEW August 2010) by Judith Fein

I first met Judith Fein when I was on a press trip in Richmond Virginia. She and her husband Paul took off from the main group tramping through Civil War Battlefields to look for something out of the ordinary–the oldest Jewish cemetery in Virginia. That’s what they do, poor things–live in Santa Fe, travel the world in search of interesting stories, and write and photograph award winning articles. Continue reading