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Don George Agrees–Fiction Makes Travel Literature

Destination: Everywhere

Book Cover
Book: Better than Fiction: True Travel Tales from Great Fiction Writers, edited by Don George

Lonely Planet and Don George have a thing going.  This is the seventh book George has edited for the company.  Don George, in case you have not met, writes just about the best travel articles you could wish for. He used to be the editor of the travel section for the San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle. He reviews travel books and writes and edits for websites. And he stuffed all that experience in a book,  Lonely Planet Travel Writing, that everyone says is the best of the many guides for travel writers. Continue reading

The Ultimate Exotic Journey: Timbuctoo

British Lion

Destination: London and Africa (1810)

Book: Timbuctoo (NEW July 2012) by Tahir Shah

Picture an African El Dorado where the only known metal is gold! Storehouses overflow with it, and coffers are brimming with it.  Roof tiles and cobblestones, cups and plates, buckets and bedsteads all are fashioned from that most intoxicating yellow ore!

William de Witt, British businessman, addressing the Royal African Committee in the novel, Timbuctoo

Contrary to popular belief, the roofs are not tiled in gold, nor is there a wealth of any kind, that is, what we might comprehend to be wealth.  Most of the jewellry is made from shells, taken from the river, or made from camel bone.  The houses are crafted form blocks of mud, and the majority of the townsfolk live a most squalid existence.

Robert Adams, the American, addressing the Royal African Committee in the novel Timbuctoo Continue reading

Itchy Travel Feet? She Wrote the Book


Three people who run travel blogs/websites that I read regularly have published e-books. And if you haven’t seen an e-book recently, forget about the old days when they looked like poorly formatted Word documents.  The e-books I’m going to be talking about this week are full of photography and graphics to make them appealing and easy on the eye. Continue reading