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Over the Top: Both the Title and the Style

HikingDestination: The Alps–Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Lichtenstein,  Monaco

Book: Over the Top & Back Again, Hiking X the Alps,  by Brandon Wilson, illustrated by Ken Plumb, NEW 2011

Once  an experienced travel writer whom I admire explained to his class how to write a good travel story.

“Put yourself at risk,” he said. The closer the writer comes to total disaster, the theory goes, the more interesting the story will be. Continue reading

New Book about Exotic Bhutan

Buddha Statue, Tibet

Buddha Statue, Tibet

Destination: Bhutan

Book: The Heart of the Buddha by Elsie Sze (Released October 1, 2009)

When I was younger I wanted very much to go to Bhutan.  I bought a detailed travel book about trekking in Bhutan that included information about the country’s people and history. I never got there and now I am settling in to a different kind of travel, and can only go to these more challenging locations vicariously. Continue reading