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winners and Winners

BalloonsLast night, the cupcake elves announced the winners of the drawings for Passports With Purpose prizes.  I got all excited when I saw an e-mail headed “You’re a Passsports With Purpose Prize Winner.” Turns out they were not referring to ME (It’s not all about me???)–they were passing on the names of the three people who won the three prizes that I sponsored.

So why is it I FEEL like a winner? Continue reading

Whatcha Gonna Win? How About Books

Before you complain, let me make it clear that I know your intentions are purely altruistic. You are not concerned with winning anything. You are just focused on building two libraries in Zambia with Room to Read,  so that kids who want to read will have a chance to do so. Just like you, they want a library full of books.

Room to Read logoWell of course you are going to do that by donating $10 to Passports With Purpose, by picking a travel-related prize that you want, right?

NO? Oh, I see, you are going to donate $50 and put it all on that one prize you’re hankering for.

NO? Still don’t have it right?  Oh, I see, you are going to donate $100, but you are going to put it on 10 different prizes.

See, there are lots of ways that you can help build two libraries in Zambia with Room to Read, to help kids who like to read as much as you do.  Take a gander at that thermometer thingy over there on the right hand side of this page, and you will see how Passports With Purpose is doing. Continue reading

10 Temptations–Decisions, Decisions

Passports With Purpose Logo

Please help a blogger in distress!

Room to Read logoI have no trouble deciding to sponsor prizes for Passports With Purpose, where this year travel bloggers are raising money to build TWO libraries in Zambia with Room to Read. After all, A Traveler’s Library is ALL ABOUT far off places and BOOKS.

I have no problem asking sponsors for those prizes, because the sponsors (Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans, Interlink Books and MacMillan Audio) are happy to be associated with such a great program.

I have no problem spreading the love by tweeting, posting on Facebook, Google + and by writing blog posts at A Traveler’s Library about Passports With Purpose.

I have no trouble deciding to put a widget on my blog that shows you the progress in fund raising.

I have no problem budgeting to contribute several $10 bids on fantastic travel prizes in order to help Passports With Purpose reach its goal.

What I DO have a problem with is deciding which of the wonderful prizes to choose. Do I go for broke and put all my tenners on ONE prize? Do I go for all the ones I crave the most, $10 at a time? Do I try to play the odds and bid on ones that may not be quite as popular?  Do I let Ken have a vote? What a dilemma! Continue reading