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Australian Sunset by Reto Fetz
Australian Sunset by Reto Fetz

Destination: Australia

Books: In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson

Conversations at Curlow Creek and Remembering Babylon by David Malouf

Mike Cadogan, the commenter known as sandandsurf came up with a site for people looking for books about Australia and two specific books.

Cadogan recommended Bill Bryson’s  In a Sunburned Country.  Bryson is a favorite of many, but was dissed in a World Hum conversation as someone who talks about himself rather than the place in question. Travel writer Tom Swick says, “As a glimpse into the modus operandi of a travel writer, In a Sunburned Country is rather revealing. As a travel book, it’s a disappointment.”  As a travel writer, myself, who was once skewered by Tom Swick in a rejection letter, it is nice to know I am in such august company as Bill Bryson.

A website with a comprehensive list of Australian literature, (literature by Australian authors) can provide browsing for weeks, but I would like some more guidance on which of these authors provide a good sense of place and a feeling for the country. Anybody have some specific recommendations?

Mike particularly recommends, The Conversations at Curlow Creek by David Malouf. Malouf is a novelist and poet and was short listed for the Booker prize for Remembering Babylon, like Curlow Creek, set in the 19th century in Australia. Sounds like a very good choice, as he is praised for his sense of place.

Photo by Reto Fetz “SwissCan” from Flickr, Creative Commons License

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