Scotland Mystery Books for the Traveler

Destination: Scotland

Authors: Ian Rankin and Alexander McCall Smith

Nope, we’re not talking Loch Ness Monster here.  Some readers recommended some good mysteries for the traveler to read on the way to Scotland.

The British Isles seem to produce enormous numbers of mystery writers. But although Agatha Christie may have been the mother of the cozy mystery, Conan Doyle was not the first mystery story writer.  That distinction belongs to Edgar Alan Poe.

But back to Scotland, where some writers have attracted our readers’ attention.

Ian Rankin, chosen by reader Coleen, has an intriguing website that includes a map of Edinburgh with pinpoints for locations in his series of Rebus mysteries.  Rankin wrote a book a year about his popular detective from 1987 to 2007. The web site describes the importance of Edinburgh to the books. “Edinburgh plays an important role throughout the Rebus novels: a character intself, as brooding and as volatile as Rebus.” WELL! Surely a traveler to Scotland must read those books!

Alexander Mc Call Smith, says Jessie Voights. I have to agree that he is a fun, light read. I have only read one of his Scotland mysteries, in the Philosopher Club Series starring Isabel Dalhousie.  He has a second group of mysteries, the 44 Scotland Street series. The 44 Scotland Street cast of characters live in an apartment house, giving the writer plenty of room to develop characters and plots. It sounds like it is made for television. I first met him through reading his mysteries set in Africa, The Ladies’ Number One Detective Agency, which is guaranteed to make you fall in love with the characters and laugh all the way to the last page. Don’t miss Mr. McCall’s web site. It is a much fun as his books.

I’m sure there are many more mystery writers in Scotland and their fans will speak up. We’re listening….

And more about books for Scotland here: Books on Scotland Suggested by a Reader and Sounds of Scotland.

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2 thoughts on “Scotland Mystery Books for the Traveler

  1. Actually, I think I understand your comment. The books are a very light, quick read, and you do tend to wonder what he could do if he took more time.

  2. I love AMS though I think he’s a better writer than his books. I know that sounds weird but he’s cranking out books so fast that I don’t think he’s writing as well as he could be… Still, I read almost everything he writes, and I really enjoy it.

    Can’t wait to check out Ian Rankin, whom I’ve never read.

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