Book Puts Belize at Top of Writer’s List

Lamanai Maya ruins, Belize
Lamanai Maya ruins, Belize

Destination: Belize

Book: The Possibility of Everything by Hope Edelman


A Guest Blog by Julia Drake

“The Possibility of Everything — Search for a truer self”

The Possibility of Everything, acclaimed author Hope Edelman writes, “A person in the act of traveling from one place to another is a person stripped down to her very essence, perhaps the truest self that can exist.”

Our travels take us away from home, our familiar surroundings, our familiar self. For Hope, her familiar self was the eternal skeptic. A “card carrying member of the Church of the Senses,” she had to see to believe. But when her 3-year old daughter Maya develops a mysterious imaginary friend, named “Dodo,” whose presence becomes increasingly disturbing, Hope and her husband make the unlikely choice to take their daughter to Mayan healers deep in the rainforests of Western Belize. In the process of this journey, Hope transforms from a woman, who only believed in the “visible” and “proven,” to someone, open to the existence of larger, unseen truths––a leap of faith that heals both her and her family.

Publishers Weekly called the Possibility of Everything, “equal parts a meditation on the trials of motherhood and marriage, a travelogue and an exploration of faith.” That’s where the power of this book lies for me. It explores life in all its facets, traveling being an essential ingredient in the quest for a larger truth, a larger self.

Steeped in the ancient culture of the Maya, a world where body, mind and spirit, are tightly intertwined, Hope starts to question the truths she built her life on and opens her heart and mind to the possibility of everything.

In Western culture where many parents resort to the next best prescription drug to ensure the “normality” of their child, I cheered Hope’s leap of faith to a more holistic approach to her daughter’s condition––not out of a romanticized Western desire to dabble in the voodoo magic of third world cultures, but to try to be the best mother she could be, to do anything for her child.

Beyond Hope’s personal story, her detailed descriptions of Belize, the poverty, yet generosity and warmth of the people she befriends, the untouched beauty of the countryside, and the continuing presence of ancient Maya Civilization in the life of people in Belize, put a trip to Belize at the very top of my travel list.

The book is ripe with Mayan history, cosmology and accounts of a visit to Tikal National Park (Guatemala), one of the most fascinating archaeological remains of the ancient Maya Civilization. On her journey, Hope also stayed in some beautiful places worth checking out. In fact, the book website provides Hope’s itinerary and resources to accommodations and must-see sites.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone with an open mind and heart, and a sense of adventure.

For more info on the book, visit the book’s web site.

Julia Drake was born and raised in a small town in the Black Forest, Germany. Julia left her home at the age of 19 to pursue screenwriting in Los Angeles. A graduate of UCLA film school as well as the American Film Institute, she finally followed her addiction to culture shocks and wanderlust into freelance writing with a focus on travel and holistic living. She lives in the secluded canyons of Topanga, California, with her husband, filmmaker Jared Drake.

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Thank you so much, Julia, for bringing us this unusual travel book that inspires as well as guides us to Belize.  Going to other country’s for healing seems to be a growing reason for travel.  Reader, have you or others you know gone to another country to try that culture’s approach to healing?  Please add your experiences in the comment section.

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10 thoughts on “Book Puts Belize at Top of Writer’s List

  1. The book sounds fascinating. I look forward to checking it out! I just recently went to Belize and fell in love with the country. I am currently blogging about our adventures there on my new blog, if you’d like to read about them!

    We were lucky enough to visit some of the Mayan sites you mention such as Tikal and some of the caves used in Mayan rituals. Their culture is fascinating.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog!
    .-= Shelley´s last blog ..A Beautiful Morning =-.

  2. Hope is on her way to Ashland right now to appear on public radio, give a talk at the local bookstore, and also come to my house for a literary salon. I can’t wait to meet her and hear more about the book (which I have yet to read though I am so looking forward to cracking the spine. Right now I’m in the middle of THE SEX LIVES OF CANNIBALS, which is really a fabulous travel book. Vera, I wonder if you’ve read/written about it?). I have several friends who read the book and said it was so compelling they couldn’t put it down. Thanks for featuring it here!!

    1. No, I have not read Sex Among the Cannibals, but I am reading a similar book right now about a year’s stay in the Marshall Islands. It seems from these two books, that paradise isn’t all it is cracked up to be!

  3. I like her idea that travel strips you to your very essence. I think that’s especially true when you travel outside of your own country and fully immerse yourself in another.

  4. This book sounds fascinating with its savvy mixture of parenting, travel, and a holistic approach to healing. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Thanks for bringing The Possibility of Everything to my attention.

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