Sharing Some Good Travel Writing

What Books Do We Read?

Time to ask that basic question again–what kind of books contribute the most to the traveler’s experience? This thoughtful review of a book of Travel Literature from South Africa finds a slight twist on our assumption that the best connection with place can be made through fiction. Perceptive Travel, the web magazine where the article appears provides consistently interesting articles on travel.

Medieval Guide Book

If you happen to be dropping in to Cardiff Wales between now and January 2010, you can see a travel book written in the 12th century. I found this link to a story on BBC courtesy of Women of History. I find it fascinating that people were setting out for unknown parts and taking notes to pass on to others in Medieval times. We are so much more fortunate in that it is so much easier to travel. (No jokes about airline service, please. You don’t have to carry your bed on a mule.)

Yet Another Best Travel Books List

I have talked about some of these, will talk about some in the future. Some solid choices here. What do you think? Courtesy of Hopscotch the Globe.

Don George’s Recommendations

National Geographic Traveler on line runs Don George’s picks for new books that will inspire travel. When I said these picks¬† run infrequently, Don complained in an e-mail that they are every two months , (Don just wrote to correct me again–it’s every month)month which does sound infrequent to a 5-day-a-week blogger. So this is his September list, (And here is October) meaning we are about due for a new Don George list. I’ll let you know when it arrives. {Actually I just do this so Don will have to write to me. Love to get notes from him}

Follow That Book

I recently stumbled across a site that recommends great places to visit that are related to literature. Although we have a different mission, we agreed that we are sister-sites. Come here to get suggestions on what to read. Go there to, well, GO there. The co-authors of the site also co-authored a book by the same name, Novel Destinations.

Tomorrow: An Interview with Simon Cox, the author of Decoding The Lost Symbol. He tells us WHY he spends his life doing research. And later this week, Thomas Jefferson tours Europe; a young man finds Surviving Paradise not as easy as he thought; and Friday in France brings a recent historical novel.


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