Twilight Movie Travels to Italy

Today, we have a guest article from the web site Dream of Italy. Thanks to owner of the site, Kathy McCabe, and author of this article, Michael Lowe.
The Twilight Movie New Moon releases November 20.
Destination: Volterra, Italy
Movie: New Moon
*** NEW: In Anticipation of Vampire Movie, Volterra Tuscany Launches New Moon Tour ***
“The sun continued to climb high in the sky as Alice raced against it…
“There,” Alice said abruptly, pointing to the castle city atop the closest hill.
I stared at it, feeling for the very first hint of a new kind of fear… And yet, now, as I stared at the ancient sienna walls and towers crowning the peak of the steep hill, I felt another, more selfish kind of dread thrill through me.
I supposed the city was very beautiful. It absolutely terrified me.
‘Volterra,’ Alice announced in a flat, icy voice.”

If you don’t recognize that passage, you probably aren’t one of the thousands (perhaps millions?) of screaming teens, pre-teens and adults who will flock to movie theaters November 20 for the second movie based on Stephenie Myers’ best-selling vampire Twilight saga, New Moon. Here, the book’s protagonist, Bella, and Alice, the sister of Bella’s love interest, vampire Edward, are racing to the hilltop town to save said love interest from the movie’s vampiric royal family, the Volturi, whom Edward is trying to provoke into killing him after believing Bella to be dead.  Like all things romantic, the story is complicated and dramatics ensue.

The Volturi hail from the Tuscan village of Volterra where, as of 2004, the total population was just over 11,000. However, the small, fortified city might soon see a sudden increase in traffic after the Volterra’s tourism office wisely created a Twilight-themed tour package called “Hot on the Trail of Bella and Edward” where avid fans can retrace the book’s fictional characters. ……..[Note 2013: this tour is no longer featured on the Voterra website, but the city still is enticing]

See the rest of this article, with details about the trip and surprising information about the filming site of New Moon at Dream of Italy. Photo credit: Francesco Sgroi,

For more on Volterra, check this article on D. H. Lawrence’s Etruscan Places.

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  1. i’ve read the book (of course) and it wasn’t my favorite book. that said, anything that increases interest in travel abroad is a good thing!

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