Traveler’s Library Books in April

Top Traffic Posts of April

Hooray for Guests! The top four new posts in April were written by Guest Posters!  Thanks go to

Usually I don’t bother to tell you about older posts that rank near the top, but I thought you might find it interesting. So here goes, with new posts in bold and older posts in ():

People Who Comment (a Lot)

You may have noticed that bloggers or web site owners are rewarded for their comments at A Traveler’s Library by getting their latest post promoted, but ALSO, if you have a twitter handle, you can add that so that people can follow you. Cool!

More than Ten Comments during April:

  • Anjuli (Connie Ong)
  • Jessie Voigts (Wandering Educators–link above)

More than Five Comments during April:

  • Kerry Dexter (Music Road–link above)
  • Richard Mussler-Wright
  • Mark Heers (Travel Wonders–link above)

I would like to mention that the blog drew a whole lot of new commenters last month, and we hope they will keep joining in the conversation. I just love to see those new names pop up!

Next month I will not be reporting on most comments–because the contest will skew the results. Back in July with a report on June’s commenters.

People Who Drive Traffic to the Site (Other than Search Engines and Stumble, etc.:

2010 (still sending viewers because I was one of five finalists as best of travel blogs in Bloggies 2010)

Fisher Academy International Blog (linked to a guest post about a children’s book on Monet’s garden in Giverny.)

Lonely Planet (Where I am a BlogSherpa)

Dream of Italy 2 (The blog for the wonderful newsletter about Italy. I’m on the blogroll there and wrote an article for the newsletter about fractional properties in Italy.

Wandering Educators (Where I am Traveler’s Library Editor)

Music Road (Who partners with me on The Great American Road Trip).

Thank you all!!

And having launched the Great Big Literature Giveaway II in yesterday’s post, I look forward to your comments as you vie for the awesome bunch of books to be given away.

Tomorrow The Great American Road Trip returns with a post from a family member who lives in old Virginny. If you have missed any of the New England or mid-Atlantic states that we covered before heading into the sure to start with the kick-off post,  Blue Highways, and check the posts every Wednesday after that to get your reading material for the road trip.

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8 thoughts on “Traveler’s Library Books in April

  1. love to hear what everyone has to say. Sometimes I need to say less and read more 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jennifer–I’m glad that you can see that affection. This monthly post is not terribly popular with readers, so I may deep six it, or shift it to a newsletter of some sort. Need a way to get the info to people who ARE interested.

  2. Don’t you just love new commenters? A new commenter is like an alien ship uncloaking in Star Trek. I always try to send them a special welcome. That being said, I look forward to more of your literature and travel cocktail over the month of May.
    .-= Alexandra hopes you will read blog ..Moby Dick’s To the Rescue! =-.

    1. Great metaphor for new commenters, except that I always assume they are friends. I do the same–send a note and invite them to come back often. (And if a reader out there has commented and I missed sending you a note, let me know.)

  3. I’m not a top commenter, but I do have something to share today!

    More travel novels! I just saw an opportunity to win a galley copy of All Over the Map by Laura Fraser. Travel…romance…and personal growth. Sounds good. Here’s the link to enter to win a copy from Random House:


    Laura Hartness
    The Calico Critic
    .-= Laura Hartness hopes you will read blog ..Book Review and Giveaway: From Twilight to Breaking Dawn: Religious Themes in the Twilight Saga =-.

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