Travel Writing News

A radio show with some big name travel writers discussing travel writing.

100 Travel Novels

In case you don’t have enough books to read, check out this list of 100 travel novels that let you travel the world courtesy of the On-Line Degrees site.

Favorites Page

I’ve added a couple of sites to my favorites page lately. That’s a very good place to go when you are looking for some good reading, because I am very, very picky. All picks are listed alphabetically, and then by category, so you should be able to pick what you want pretty easily.

Let me tell you about one site: Feast. This is a quarterly newsletter that brings you news about books, art and travel  all rolled into one. Great read, and highly recommended.

And then there is Literary Journeys with the Traveling Rat. A librarian posts book reviews, many having the same sort of criteria we use here. The posts are not frequent, but browsing past posts will get you some great reads.

Short post today. Happy Mother’s Day Weekend.

Don’t forget the Great Big Travel Literature Giveaway II. Comments today count toward a drawing at midnight tonight (Friday). Comments on Saturday and Sunday count toward the drawing Monday night.

Good luck everybody. And happy weekend.

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A freelance writer who loves to travel. When she is not traveling she is reading about travel. When she is not reading or traveling, she is sharing with the readers of A Traveler's Library, or recreating her family's past at Ancestors In Aprons . She has written for Reel Life With Jane, Life is a Trip and other websites. Also co-author of a biography, Quincy Tahoma, The Life and Legacy of a Navajo Artist. Contact Vera Marie by e-mail.

9 thoughts on “Travel Writing News

  1. Oh I just had to let you know my kids got me a Nook- so I’ve already downloaded several of the books you have recommended. (I was able to get the Twain ones for free! yipee) I was wondering- I know you are linked up with but are you also linked with Barnes and Nobles- if so I’ll make sure to buy any of my future e-books through your site.

  2. wow a lot of reading between all the books, but I plan on traveling the world over the next five years and need all the help I can get. Thanks

  3. What a great reference list with only a handful that I’ve read. Happy to see two of Twain’s on there though not A Tramp Abroad (my personal favourite). The list includes some fine Australian novels – especially Cloudstreet by the always excellent Tim Winton.
    .-= Mark H hopes you will read blog ..The Jewel In The Crown Of Cyprian Luxury =-.

    1. Mark: Thanks for pointing out the Australian novels. I’m going to be reviewing a New Zealand author’s novel that was published in Australia very soon–set in China, though.

  4. Thank you so much for those links- you know you always seem to keep me busy with your suggestions!! 🙂

  5. (A note- you misspelled “Friday” in the last sentence of the email -eek…fixed here though. Good catch!)
    Checked out the links. I loved the list of 100 travel novels, and was pleased to see Mark Twain make the cut.
    Thanks for the resouces. Happy Mother’s Day!

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