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We have a GREAT Bella Italia Giveaway coming up.  All you have to do is comment starting today and all during the month of September, and when I return from France I will round up your comments, run them through random.org and declare 8 winners. It will be particularly fun for you because I will have guest bloggers throughout the month and you will meet a lot of new voices.( The posts during the month will not ALL be about Italy–that might be just too much of a good thing.)


  • Comment on any post at A Traveler’s Library, and comment several times a day if you like, but only one comment PER POST will count. If you mention the prize you prefer, I’ll try to comply.
  • Tweet about a post using @pen4hire in the Tweet, and you will get another entry.
  • Contest starts one minute after midnight (MST/Arizona–meaning same as Pacific Daylight Time) on August 30 and ending at midnight (MST/Arizona) on September 30).
  • Must have U.S. mailing address. Please see general contest rules.

SEVEN Prizes:

From Travelers Tales:

  • 100 Places Ever Woman Should Go by Susan Van Allen
  • Travelers’ Tales  Italy: True Stories of Life on the Road
  • Travelers’ Tales Tuscany: True Stories
  • 30 Days in  Italy: True Stories of Escape to the Good Life

From Palgrave MacMillan:

  • Old Calabria by Norman Douglas (like new)
  • The Last Judgment: Michelangelo and the Death of the Renaissanceby James A. Connor, a brand NEW paperback edition of the 2009 book. (Two copies to give away)

****From Kathy McCabe, Dream of Italy:*****

  • A full year’s membership in the online newsletter of Dream  of Italypacked with practical information and fun articles about Italy. Worth $79.00.  Thatsa Nice!

Anyhow, you won’t want to miss the guessing game of who’s going to turn up next to write a post!

Now read on,  for a review of one of the prizes, The Last Judgment.

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31 thoughts on “8 Prizes: Bella Italy Giveaway

  1. I trip to Italy would be fantastic. I am healing from my trip to Africa, but had lunch with my travel buddy today and she wants us to eat our way through Italy. Yum, I hope to be able to go in the next six months.


  2. I’d like to win a full year’s membership in the online newsletter of Dream of Italy packed with practical information and fun articles about Italy.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    forsurveysonly at gmail dot com

  3. Please delete earlier comment….Proofreading should always be a priority.

    Here’s the real comment:

    Just married an Italian man and I’m livin’ the dream! I have an Italian in my bed and on my plate! We’ll return to his Sicily soon and let the Italian Magic sparkle!

  4. Travelers’ Tales Tuscany: True Stories sounds great! Actually all of the options sound great! Thanks for the opportunity to win – I appreciate it!

  5. Hello. Heard from you on Facebook via my friend, the fabulous Judy Witts Francini who teaches Italian cooking and shopping. I tried to subscribe, but there seems to be strange computer issues with that…
    I would enjoy “100 Places Ever Woman Should Go” especially because I am curious what would make this particular for women… I am an artist who recently left my work streetpainting in Italy and I miss the country already. My blog about art and including my time in Italy can be found at
    Cheers and thank you!

    1. Kelly: Thanks for dropping by. I’m looking forward to reading more about your adventures. Sorry about the problem subscribing–I’ll e-mail you directly and see if we can work it out.

      1. My laptop is down now, but I had clicked on the Orange RSS feed subscription link after a Pop-up Window told me to do so. I was taken to a page of only … programming. Uncertain of what to do with that.
        But after I came back to this page, I saw the e-mail subscription, which is what I prefer anyway, since I am not always online when I read newsletters/blogs. I think that went fine and it is probably too early for a new posting to know yet if the subscription works. Thank you for your FAST response!

  6. I am heading to Italy for the first time in October! Florence is my first stop and then to a few of the Tuscan wine regions. Next year – Rome and….. 😉

    1. Nice bunch of replies here–but remember, folks, you can comment on ANY post at A Traveler’s Library (or do a tweet mentioning @pen4hire)and still be eligible for one of the 8 prizes.
      Michelle–You may want to never leave Florence. It was my favorite city, although Le Marche was my fav region.

  7. I’m not Italian.. but I love the food. Actually the book 100 Places Ever Woman Should Go sounds like a great resource.

  8. I’m not Italian (no matter how far I dig into our family’s roots), but I do love the food. I still have fond memories of visiting Montecatini (I’m probably butchering the spelling) years ago. Lovely seaside town.

  9. Yahoo! My Mom and sister have been to Italy several times. I need to schedule a trip. Thanks for offering this contest! -r

  10. My son is currently researching his genealogy and he’s stuck trying to track his great grandfather who immigrated from Italy, so Italy has been on my mind! Great prizes – when do you give away the trip to Italy? 😉

  11. This is SO right up my alley. I went to Italy last year and I am totally in love. I can’t wait for my next trip!

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