Facebook–not just for high school anymore

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Surfing the Web
Surfing the Web

Book: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Facebook by Joe Kraynak and Mikal E. Belicove

Movie: Social Media

So why am I talking about a book and a move that have nothing to do with travel? No, the new movie Social Networking doesn’t lure you to fantastic spots on the Earth, but many travelers have begun to use their own social networking to get advice on travel, help them plan trips, and make connections with people in far away places.

My Facebook page

Shortly after I started using Facebook about two years ago, I followed a lead to a satirical U-Tube video. (You can find me on Facebook here if you would care to join me.) It had been made by a teenager about how when your parents join Facebook, it is the end of Facebook.  I was not sure how to react, since I was a GRAND MOTHER who joined Facebook partially in order to communicate with my grandchildren.

But grandmas and grandpas are getting the last laugh.  This tool which was created with college students in mind, and quickly caught the attention of those high school students who did not like My Space for one reason or another, is now drawing larger numbers of mature users every day.  The tide is turning.

A press release promoting The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Facebook says:

According to a new study by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project social networking among internet users ages 50 and older has nearly doubled from 22 percent in April 2009 to 42 percent in May 2010. During the same period, use among those ages 65 and older grew 100 percent from 13 percent to 26 percent.

Naturally, those older folks have had less experience with the WWW, and need a little help, so the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Facebook comes along. I really HATE the titles of those books, but I must admit that there is a lot of handy information all in one place.  And now that Charnell Havens and I are creating a Facebook page to tell people about our book about Navajo Artist Quincy Tahoma, we are happy to have this guide. (Big believers in social networking, we also have a blog and a twitter account.)

Whether you are looking for fundamental “How do I start?” questions, help with security of your information, or ways to leverage the power of Facebook for commercial purposes, you don’t have to be a complete idiot to use this Guidebook.

I suspect that with the popularity of the new movie, Social Media, even more people will be signing up, friending, liking, and posting statuses.  Just promise me you will not send me a gift, a Christmas ornament,or a farm animal, okay??

I have not seen the movie yet, although ever since  Roger Ebert reviewed Social Network, I have been eager to see it. I promise that I will come back with my own opinion after I have seen it.

Meanwhile, what did YOU think of the movie, if you have seen it? And do you use Facebook? How do you use it? Has it helped with travel? Reading choices?  I’d really like to know.

And while we are on the subject of social media, I welcome your follows on Twitter and your sharing through the buttons below that lead to facebook, twitter, stumble upon, Digg and other social networks. Every little bit helps introduce A Travelers Library to more readers. Thanks!

Picture above is from Flickr via Creative Commons license. Click on the picture to meet the photographer. The book was provided by the publisher for review. The movie trailer is from You Tube.

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5 thoughts on “Facebook–not just for high school anymore

  1. My daughter suggested we get on Facebook a couple years ago. It seemed silly to me then. I mean, why would anyone be interested in what I was doing, the minute details of my life? She also created a page for our B&B My daughter used Facebook to stay in touch with friends, play chess, post paintings. I have come to realize Facebook can be used in many different ways. What I have found of real benefit is sharing media stories of interest. I used to read CNN online, but it has turned into People Magazine 2. I have been friended by people who worry about the environment/world, as I do. I often share what they post in the status box. That’s when Facebook started making sense for me. Now it sucks up so much time that I have had to make a conscious effort to stay away.

    I have not yet seen the movie but plan to go.

    I’m off to visit your Facebook page!

  2. I have yet to get to grips with Facebook, and have previously just published links to my blog posts, until recently. I had a great idea today to make Facebook more interactive, so will see how that goes.

    The problem being a blogger is that there’s so many social networks, and you cannot possibly have a presence on all of them. I tend to stick with Twitter, Facebook and Stumbleupon, but have accounts with tons of other sites, just to secure my “brand”.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Darren. I know what you mean about having to pick which network. Everyone who has a website these days wants to make it social. As an old lady I knew once said, “I don’t need to meet any more people. I know enough people already.”

  3. i haven’t seen the movie yet, but am a bit worried since the main guy it is about isn’t that keen on the movie. can’t wait to find your FB page on quincy – be sure to let us know!

    1. Don’t worry Jessie–when the FB page for Navajo Artist Quincy Tahoma and his biography goes live, my readers will get SICK of hearing about it. And then just wait until the book!!

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